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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Importance of Sleep - Guest Post | Primp Powder Pout

Get Strong, Sleep, Repeat: The Importance Of Sleeping

Sleep is one of the most important factors in terms of individual health. Without sleep, a number of imbalances occur. This is obvious when we see someone who did not get enough sleep. There are dark circles around the eyes, they cannot focus properly and they do not seem to have sufficient energy levels.
It must be said that scientists are still not fully aware what actually happens during sleep time and the nature of dreams and deep sleep. What is known is that sleep deficiency results in a number of symptoms and a failure to obtain a significant amount of REM sleep can lead to severe consequences.

Sleep and the Brain

Sleep is beneficial in a variety of ways. One of the main reasons that sleep is so vital is that it balances and replenishes the neurotransmitters in the brain. Towards the end of the day, these neurotransmitters become depleted and unbalanced. The brain needs rest too, especially if you have been thinking all day long, as people often do. It offers a reset, so you are fresh for the morning.
Sleep is the key to mental health. When you are sleeping, your brain is preparing for tomorrow and is also forming new neuronal pathways which help you to retain information more effectively. Studies have proven that a good night’s sleep improves learning and information retention.
Sleep deficiency can alter activity in some parts of the brain. People who are deficient in sleep are likely to have difficulty in making decisions, controlling their behavior and solving problems.

Sleep and Physical Health

Sleep plays a role in the healing and repair of the heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency is linked to heart disease, kidney disease and an increased chance of obesity. Sleep is important in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. It regulates both ghrelin and leptin. These two hormones govern whether you feel full or hungry. When you do not get enough sleep, you will feel hungrier as the level of ghrelin increases.
Sleep also affects insulin levels, which controls blood sugar levels. A decrease in sleep is correlated with higher blood sugar levels, which has implications for heart health. Sleep is also responsible for growth, particularly in teenagers and children. It boosts muscle mass and plays a role in puberty and fertility. For body builders, sleep is the most important part of any regime. It is during sleep that the muscles repair and grow after the intense workout. The immune system needs appropriate levels of sleep in order to remain fully functional. If you are sleep-deficient, your immune system might not be robust enough to defend against many common illnesses.

The Disadvantages of Sleep Deficiency

It has been proven that people who get little sleep are less productive the following day, at both school and work. More mistakes are made, reaction times are slower and it takes longer to finish tasks. After a number of nights of sleep deficiency (less than 6 and a half hours per night) your productivity levels will suffer. After seven nights of this, it will be as if you have not slept at all. At this time, a sleep crash often happens, meaning that you will go into a deep sleep for a long time. Even so it will take a few days for your sleeping pattern to return to normal and your circadian rhythm to balance out.
Lack of proper sleep can lead to something known as microsleep. Your body and brain need sleep so badly that it will “steal” moments of microsleep while you are awake. This happens often with truck drivers. But even if you are not driving it will affect how you function. You may miss information during a conference or lecture. Your brain is simply not operating at full capacity.
Many are unaware of the risks and dangers posed by lack of sleep. And more think they can function properly with less than 6 hours. However, this is most likely untrue, and lack of sleep always leads to less productivity. Even if you think you can manage, you are not operating at 100% capacity while suffering from sleep deficiency.
Studies have actually shown that sleep deficiency harms truck driving capability as much as being drunk. This is despite the fact that many truck drivers believe that they can drive competently while sleep deprived.
Sleep deficiency results in over 100,000 deaths every year according to some estimates, as well as over 2000 deaths. Drivers are not the only ones suffering from sleep deficiency, as it affects all professions.
To sum up, sleep is important in so many ways. If you do not get enough sleep you will not be able to perform confidently. Sleep also plays a key role in muscle growth as well as emotional and mental wellbeing.
Post by: Evelyn Kail 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Guest Post - Summer Skincare Secrets

Summer Skincare Secrets!
Summer time is right at the corner ladies, meaning that it’s time to start caring more for your skin. The secret to a beautiful tan is to protect your face and body first. UV light has lots of detrimental effects for the skin. Redness, burns, sun spots, eczema, peels, and pimples are just some side-effects that you get when you sit in the sun all day long without using sunscreen. Some studies have showed that UV light may lead to aggravating skin conditions, including cancer. To prevent that from happening, it’s very important to have a daily skincare routine. Here are some tips to help you get a healthy, all-natural tan this summer.
Believe it or not, moisturizing the skin in the summer is just as important as moisturizing on the winter. Steer clear of creams that are heavy and oily, and choose water-based products that penetrate the skin in as little as 5 minutes. Proper moisturizing matters because it protect the skin from consuming too much water. Basically, you’re replenishing vitamins and minerals the complexion needs to look flawless.
Hydrating your skin in the summer matters just as much as moisturizing. Drinking water helps keep the skin smooth and elastic. Because it’s hot, the body loses water directly affecting the skin’s elasticity. You may not realize it, but if you notice that you’re sweating a lot, it is because the body feels completely dehydrated; as a consequence, it reacts. Sitting in front of the sun for many hours triggers excessive sweating. The skin may crack if you don’t hydrate. The lips are the most affected, but also the rest of your face and body. Water helps preserve skin glow. Also, in combination with a proper sunscreen for your complexion, you’ll be able to get the most perfect tan.
There’s no secret that if you want to have a beautiful, long-lasting tan you must use sunscreen. However, considering the wide variety of such products available in the marketplace, how do you choose the best product? In an attempt to compare one type of sunscreen with another, we often forget one thing – it’s not always about what brand you use, but about how you apply it on your body. A lot of us don’t know that it’s important to apply the exact same quantity everywhere; however, we must protect our face and sensitive areas of the body the most – hands, neck, chest area, upper thighs, shoulders.
The purpose of a sunscreen is to protect the skin from damaging UV and UVB rays. Some products are just meant to scatter the light, whereas others absorb the rays before getting onto your skin. Most people are used to buying the product with the highest SPF because they believe it’s the sunscreen that doesn’t cause cancer. However, research highlights that UVAs can be just as damaging. Even though these don’t cause sun burns, they do enter deeply into your skin causing wrinkles. Look for a sunscreen with a multi- or broad-spectrum protection for UV, UVB and UVA just be sure your skin is 100% protected from the sun.
When should I tan in the summer?
In mid-summer, when temperatures easily go beyond 30 degrees Celsius, it’s best to avoid sitting in the sun from 11 am to 3 pm. The perfect tan be obtained early in the morning, or after 3 pm. The sun rays may not be just as powerful, but at the very least you are protected. It will take about a week before you see results, but we assure you that it will be worth the wait.
The secret to a uniform, beautiful and long-lasting tan is all about looking after your body. Quality sunscreens with a SPF of 15+ are the best. Don’t use sunscreen at the beach only, but throughout the day as well. Look for cosmetics with a SPF factor, such as an anti blemish foundation, hand cream, moisturizer, etc. It will help you have the color on your skin that you want in the summer, without fluctuations in shade. You wouldn’t want your hands to look more tanned than your face or body would you? Well then, if you don’t want that to happen you are advised to use both sunscreen and conventional cosmetics with a SPF during the day as well.
 Guest Post: Edward Francis 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

10 Easy Ways to Start Exercising and Stick to it!

10 Easy ways to Start Exercising and Stick

So you’ve found the motivation to decide you want to lose a couple of pounds, but you can’t find the drive to actually work out. Or maybe you went to the gym once, swore you’d go again, but you just got too busy.

Well, that’s what we’re here for! We’ve come up with 10 ideas on how to start exercising and actually stick to it. Read on to find out about it!

Idea #1: Get a home gym

Going to the gym every other day can be tough, not to mention daunting. It’s definitely a scary experience to walk into a gym for the first time as an unfit newbie while hardcore lifters and muscle maniacs are expertly exercising all around you. Avoid all that stress by simply getting a home gym.

Some home gym equipment ideas are a treadmill, a set of weights and a good quality yoga mat for your stretches, ab exercises etc. Most exercises such as squats and lunges can actually be done without the help of any gym equipment too!

Idea #2: Pick an exercise you like

If you don’t enjoy working out, you’re not going to be motivated to do it. Find an exercise you enjoy participating in - maybe it’s running, swimming, playing football, playing tennis etc. You will then find yourself eagerly anticipating your next exercise session.

Idea #3: Get a workout buddy

Working out with a friend is so much more fun than working out alone. Find a buddy who will go to the gym, or go for a run, with you regularly and you’ll be much more inclined to go yourself. It helps if your buddy already has an exercise regimen in place, so they can coach you and help you figure out your own exercise regimen.

Idea #4: Start slow

Don’t throw yourself into the whole exercise-ritual just yet, start off slow. Begin exercising a couple times a week, then slowly build your way up. Ideally, you should aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

Plus, your muscles will be very sore if you aren’t used to working out, and this can be quite painful. Be sure to give them enough rest in between workout sessions!

Idea #5: Start mild

Similarly, don’t jump into high-intensity workouts if you’re an exercise newbie. You could potentially injure yourself quite seriously as you will not be familiar with the techniques required to properly participate in certain activities.

Especially avoid high impact activities that involve jumping, etc.

Idea #6: Set goals

Set milestones for yourself such as improving your running timings, or increasing the number of reps you can do for a type of exercise. Another possible milestone could be to run a half-marathon or even a full marathon! Having these goals will keep you grounded and remind you of what you need to accomplish.

Don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach those goals.

Idea #7: Eat healthy

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to get all the brain and body-boosting nutrients you need. Be sure to get carbohydrates and proteins too - you’ll need the carbs for energy and the protein for your muscles. If you fill your body with the right foods, you’ll be bursting with energy and excitedly anticipating your next gym session.

Idea #8: Schedule your workouts

Schedule timings for your workouts. Mark it on your calendar and tell yourself repeatedly that you will go. This will ensure you have adequate time to work out, and you will also be much more likely to actually exercise since it’s an official item on your calendar now.

Idea #9: Plan your workouts

Figure out what exactly you’re going to do during your exercise session. Are you going to focus on abs, legs, arms, back, etc? What specific exercises are you going to do? Are you going to go for a 20 minute jog around the neighborhood park? Are you going to do 10 laps at the swimming pool?

When you properly plan out your workout, you won’t waste time sitting around wondering what to do. Plus, you’ll actually engage in a full workout session instead of leaving halfway because you don’t really know what to do next.

Idea #10: Get cute gym clothes!

Invest in good quality, good looking gym clothes that make you look good! When you see how attractive you look in those clothes, you’ll be much more confident about going out and getting all sweaty in front of strangers.

Be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable though - working out is difficult enough, don’t make it any more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

With these 10 ideas, you’re sure to find an exercise regime and find the motivation

Guest Post : Suzanne James 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Best Makeup from Spring Runways & How to Recreate the Looks| Primp Powder Pout

Best makeup from spring runways – how to recreate the looks now!
Makeup trends change every year, and what we thought was cool one year ago, may seem outdated now. Top models look incredible on a runway: the clothes they wear, the makeup, the hair, and ultimately, their attitude are key ingredients to making them look incredible. However, not everything we see on a runway show should be worn on a daily basis. Some of the clothes are way too avant-garde; the exact same thing goes for the hair and makeup.
The good news is we can adapt the looks we see on a runway, and make them more suitable for the streets. This spring, all eyes are on bold matte lips, messy updo’s, pronounced cheeks and glowing skin.
Girls Night Out
Statement lips and beautiful, bold eyes inspired from the 60s is a very cool makeup trend for this spring. Choose a reddish eyeshadow, and use it on the upper and lower lid. Then grab a lighter nuance and highlight the inner corners of the eyes for better dimension and definition. To make eyes pop, use a double coat of mascara; for the lips, the best shade for spring is a gloss in a deep burgundy nuance.
Minimalistic lips
This spring, the coolest trend in makeup is all about highlighting the lips. If you want to look different but stylish, we recommend a matte, fluid foundation, pronounced eyebrows, but almost no make-up on the eyes. That’s because the focus will be on the lips – the star color – matte wine red lipstick. Wear your lips as jewelry this spring and settle on the boldest nuance to bring out your natural features.
Discreet blush& luminescent skin
Luminescent skin is something all women crave to have. Getting rid of that redness that’s been stalking you your entire life is hard. But it’s not something you can’t get rid of. There are many beauty products you can use to have glowing, healthy skin. The secret is to moisturize as often as possible. Use creams that are appropriate to your age, and drink as much water as possible on a daily basis.
Adding blush on the cheekbones is a great way to frame the face, add more definition, and hide imperfections. However, the same effect can be obtained when you use an illuminator. Luminescent skin looks fresh, clean, and glowing.
Neon eyeshadow
Neon eyeshadow may look too striking to wear on the streets, but in the right combination it can work. To stand out this spring, you might want to keep things as simple as possible. Decide on your favorite neon shade for your eyes, but keep the rest of your face all-nude, including the lips.
All-nude makeup
The all-nude makeup is actually a spring favorite this season. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that easy to make your face look flawless without too much color. The secret is to use a very good makeup base. Then we apply a mineral foundation, and the final step is powder. To accentuate the features, blush can added on the cheek bones, but the nuance has to be as discreet and as natural as possible.
Golden accents
Sparkly gold makeup might seem common on a runway. It’s bold, vivid, and attention-grabbing. However, if you want to wear it on a day to day basis, you need to blend it smart into your makeup routine. For example, you can opt for nude on the upper eyelids, and a golden line just above the eyebrows. Arch the line and use a makeup sponge to blend it in with the eyeshadow. This way you’ll look chic on the streets, but without the dramatic effect we see on the runway.
For this spring, we’ve seen some pretty amazing makeup blends on the fashion runway shows. Some designers have opted for the boldest, most minimalistic influences, whereas others have kept things simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to recreate natural makeup. Quality products are the most important. If you want your face to look flawless, you have to moisturize and take good care of your complexion before applying makeup. A proper beauty routine begins with having nourished skin. Then you can move on to the next steps and use the combos that best fit your skin to look amazing.

Blog Article by - Denny Averill

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Woman in Business - Beauty Tricks

Women in business – Beauty tricks that can help you look amazing in just a few minutes!
Many women love pampering and taking good care of their bodies to look confident at work. But what happens when you’re on the go and don't have as much time do your makeup and look sharp for a business trip or corporate meeting? Attractive women tend to have more success in their business life- according to some studies, but this can become a problem if you are constantly flying, traveling, or rushing from one event to another. Some women take the easy way out, and focus mostly on getting their beauty sleep, using that as their only beauty tool. But there are some other beauty tricks that can help you look amazing in just a few minutes.
Moisturize at night
You should know your everyday make up routine by now. Most business women don’t have a lot of time to spare in the morning. Half an hour to take a shower and do your make up should be enough. But if you want your face to look perfect in the morning, the secret is to moisturize it very well at night. You’ll wake up all refreshed, and everything you need to be ready on time is a bit of foundation, mascara, blush and your favorite lipstick.
Stick to basic beauty products
Makeup essentials are very important. But you should also have beauty things in your bag. Wet wipes, lip balm, and a small kit with extra foundation and blush – these are fundamental items. Also, sunscreen matters just as much, regardless of the season. As a business woman, you’re probably driving and moving from one meeting to another a lot. For your skin to be protected from damaging UV light, a sun blocker with a SPF of at least 40 is highly recommended.
As mentioned before, your skin needs to be moisturized. Leaving aside evening masks and creams, you should also drink a lot of water during the day. Hydration is paramount. Busy business women barely have time to eat during the day. But you can’t afford to neglect your body if you want to be able to do your job properly. Water keeps your body active and your skin glowing. Keep a water bottle in the bag, and drink as much as possible. Don’t forget to refill it every couple of hours.
Hairstyle& hair health
Stay away from complex hairstyles at work. Keep things as simple as possible, but make sure your hair looks healthy and clean. A high ponytail can look extremely stylish; it’s also practical. For your locks to look amazing, it’s very important to clean it properly. Invest in a top quality shampoo and conditioner. Get a hair mask made of olive oil and vinegar every Sunday to restore its glow, and make sure to cut the tips every month.
Body care
You may not have a lot of time to exercise, but at least once a week you have to get an appointment at the beauty salon. A relaxation massage can do miracles to the mind and body. Also, consider more advanced treatments such as hair removal laser procedures, an anti-cellulite or electrostimulation session to help restore skin elasticity and glow. This way you will no longer have to spend time shaving or waxing before going to work.
Taking care of your hands and nails is equally important. As a business women, you should know that everyone’s eyes will be on your face and hands. Moisturized hands and a very simple but chic manicure will convey a sense of responsibility. If your hands don’t look good and are all cracked, the impression you make on everyone around you is not a very good one.
Success in business is all about how you present yourself. First impressions matter the most, and if you don’t groom yourself, you might miss out on a wealth of opportunities. Contrary to popular belief, in the business environment many people like to assess the person they’re speaking to. Women, in particular, must be very careful. An adequate wardrobe, a simple but clean makeup, healthy hair and nails, and the right attitude are essential ingredients that guarantee them success.
Today's guest post is by Daniel Lewis and his take on what it takes to be presentable as a business woman!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spring Has Sprung - New Hair and Makeup Tutorials | Primp Powder Pout

Spring is here! It's not my favourite time of year due to it's inconsistencies but the sunny weather RIGHT NOW is making me super happy!

What has also made me happy is the fact I've managed to produce a good amount of tutorials this year already! 

I have started filming videos and writing for Mybaba which is a great Mummy Blog dedicated to all momma and papas to be and those with bubbas already! 

I've really started to focus on makeup that is great for those on the go, momma's without much time to make themselves presentable and feeling somewhat human! 

It doesn't take much makeup to feel fresh as a daisy and doesn't take much more to take that day look to an evening look! Here are the lovely blog's I have written so far for MyBaba -2017 Makeup Tutorial My No Makeup Makeup- ,  Beautiful Natural Date Night Makeup, My Easy Blowdry Tutorial. 

The blog posts list everything I used but of course below are the videos, if you want to watch them!

Lynsey as my model for this fresh faced tutorial that can see you through to summer!

Lisa rocking the naturally beautiful date night makeup!

My natural No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial! This is my go-to look!

This is my easy blow-dry routine that gives me bounce and softness without the fuss!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

11 Lifestyle Changes That will Boost your Mental Health

I have a lovely guest post by Eve! Check it out below!
Most people think that maintaining their physical health only leads to a better and healthy lifestyle. But that is not enough! Maintaining your mental health along with the physical health is much important. You need to take some positive steps in order to improve your lifestyle which will boost up your mental health as a result. Here are some of the changes that you need to make in your lifestyle if you want your mind to be in good health.
  1. Exercise should be your priority
Make a habit of exercising daily because it not only regulates your physical activity but also fights against depression and anxiety. Exercising regularly improves certain areas of the mind such as better academic performance as well as saves the person from the risks of memory loss. So, take steps towards ensuring that you will make exercise a habit. For example - setting up a gym in your garage or signing up at a nearby gym.
  1. Pay attention towards nutrition
You should take a rainbow diet every day. The reason why it is called a rainbow diet is because it contains vegetables and fruits of different colors and incorporates oily fish. Just watch out the calories and eat what you want. Remember what your granny said about fish being the brain food? Well, she was absolutely right!
  1. Let nature be your company
Having a long walk in the woods or lying beneath the trees impacts your physical and mental health in numerous ways. It is important to have a contact with nature, whether you go for a walk, listen to the birds singing, expose yourself to sunlight or just sit silently somewhere out there. Interacting with nature even for a while reduces stress and depression.
  1. Spend time with friends and family
Taking some time out for your friends and family from a busy routine is necessary to avoid getting mentally ill. If you tend to isolate yourself from the social circle, then there are high chances you will get depressed or develop anxiety. Therefore, spend time with your family and friends on daily basis to keep your relationships healthy and your mind relaxed.

  1. Take out time for recreation
If you spend most of your time either sitting in your workspace or lying down on the couch at home, you are going to regret it as you age. You need to move a muscle to stay healthy and active in the long run. Even if you go out for a little while but you do it consistently, it would have a great impact on your health. Try some outdoor activity that tends to engage your concentration and intellect.
  1. Moderation and stress management
There are plenty of relaxation techniques ranging from muscle relaxation to yoga and meditation that help you stay at peace with yourself. It is important to relax at times and embrace feelings like anger, depression, anxiety etc. If you feel depressed or stressed, instead of becoming a victim, you should definitely fight against it.
  1. Be open about mental health issues
What do you do if you catch a cold? You see a doctor, similarly, if you have a mental illness, you need an expert to diagnose and fix it for you. Don’t feel bad about yourself or confuse a disease with some personality trait. There is nothing wrong with getting yourself checked and treating yourself to overcome the issue. What’s actually wrong is not getting yourself treated and let your mind suffer only because you chose so.

  1. Care for others
Try to help other people more often. Offer your services and care to others so that you get that feeling of affection and closeness from others. This will help you step out of that circle of isolation created in your mind.
  1. Sleep properly
Getting a good sleep and waking up in the morning at an appropriate time helps your mind stay fresh and remain active for the whole day. Staying up late at night and sleeping through the day makes you feel lazy and your body muscles don’t get enough energy that they would probably get from a sound sleep.
  1. Avoid caffeine
Try to avoid caffeine. This doesn’t mean you quit coffee altogether, but try to cut it down to once a day, better yet once every three days. Don’t go hard on yourself by quitting cold turkey. Your mind will process it as a necessary activation trigger and then you won’t be able to go without it.
  1. Avoid unnecessary pills and anti-depressants
Anti-depressants never do any good to anyone, rather they are a drug for cases where there usage is inevitable. If you are too burdened at work or your relationship is going through a rough patch, don’t think of antidepressants as an answer. Try to practice other stress management techniques that will help you in a longer run.

As soon as you start practicing the above-mentioned things, your mental health will get better.