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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A Year of Weddings - Iryna's Country Wedding

Last year I had the absolute pleasure of doing Iryna's wedding at Old Hall Ely, one of many weddings I have done at this Jacobean Manor House. I do love it when I have a local wedding in Ely!

I really had a soft spot for Iryna and her lovely sisters and amazing mother. After the initial trial in London, I knew I was going to get along with these ladies like a house on fire.

Iryna wanted a focus on her eyes but to still look natural and fresh. We kept the foundation lightweight with MAC's Face and body and used neutrals on her eyes with a bit of liner to define them to the way Iryna loves it! 
We did a soft, messy bun that wasn't 'too bridal' so that strands could fall out naturally and frame her face. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Guest blogger Lena Mae brings you STREET STYLE with Kylie!

Hallo meine Favouriten! I return with another style crush for you, this time it's the gorgeous Kylie.

Yeeeah ok not THAT Kylie, but this one is just as adorable I promise! I met her in Yorkshire last weekend, she was working backstage at a show I was performing at and I was in awe of her presence from the get go. Not only was such an incredible sweetheart, but her outfit popped and I was instantly jealous of her drag inspired style.

*As an aside, unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so had to use my telephone in this particular vogue emergency, please excuse the quality of photographs. *

Let's GO! Check out this jumpsuit :

LOVE IT. Bright reds, yellow and greens. Tapered leg, pluuuunging neckline. And if that wasn't enough, Kylie wore a few shades of bright green eyeshadow. She said I knew I had to clash, so green had to be main colour. I have always had a strong fascination with make up and never felt "pretty". Studying countless MUAs and being around drag queens of old I have started to go for big drama with my make up.'

For your info.. The jumpsuit is from and the gorgeous golden footwear shoes are Anna Sholz for Simply Be; 'A bloody bargain reduced to £18'

Next stop, that enormous flower in her hair. Approximately the same size as her head. That's the way to do it.

I do enjoy a good bit of head garnish, and the drama of Kylie's made me so happy. Check out where she got it..THRIFY ACCESSORIZERS take note!

'I knew I wanted an extravaganza look to go with the garish jumpsuit. I raided my local garden center. Got the old glue gun out et voila. Massive shit off hair piece.'

So eloquent! Balancing out the 'shit off hair piece' was a mountain of hair on the other side. We're talking uber volume. We're talking Victorian madame out hawking for business type volume. Genius. Here's how she created it :

'My hair was flumped by the addition of a 3/4 wig simply for volume. If you need a hand getting fat hair, use a wig. I bloody love having mahoosive hair. Hate wash day as have to brush all the back comb out!'

For those make-up junkies having a read, I found out which brands Kylie used to create her look. Don't say I never give you anything :

'For this look I used just two brands. Elizabeth Arden double wear foundation and my NYX all you ever need palette - contains eyeshadows, contour palette etc Oh and my lips were lined using Illamsqua pencil then topped with Boujois Velvet lip stain in Ole Flamingo.'

And lets have a final look at the whole she-bang in it's full length glory :

Bloody Lovely.

A little added info, the show I was part of was www, and I highly recommend it. You can read a little more about me at, if you like! 

Auf wiedersehen for now! Lena x 

Monday, 25 August 2014

A Year of Weddings - Clare's Big Day

Next up on my list of beautiful weddings I have had the pleasure of working on in the last year is Clare.
Sparkes Photography 

I loved that Clare wanted something a bit different with her hair. She wanted to keep it soft, slightly messy with a fishtail plait/braid going from either side, creating a crown effect. I loved the bohemian feel of her hair with a 1960's twist to it. We kept Clare's skin, sheer and glowing with a lovely pop of pink on the lips! I do love a good pink lipstick!

The brilliant wedding photographer for the day was Glenn from Sparkes Photography  who is a Cambridgeshire based, international wedding photographer.

We had a lovely morning getting ready together (well.. me getting Clare ready) and everything went to plan... ok ok, almost everything. After Clare left for the ceremony, there was a slight issue with the maid of honour and her car breaking down on the way! Nightmare! But luckily all was fine and Clare DID get married and everyone arrived on time,  and there are some beautiful photos to show for it!

Sparkes Photography 

Sparkes Photography 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Year of Weddings

Weddings have consumed me for the last year, more so than previous years. Its been a lot of work but I have enjoyed every wedding!

From the first email to the moment my brides walk down the aisle I have had the chance to get to know each and every one in such an intimate way that I can look back and feel the same excitement that we had on the day!

To celebrate the weddings and the experiences we have shared together I am posting each week, one wedding, where we were, what we did, what her makeup was! Starting from August 2013 to the end of this wedding season 2014.
First up is Faye! Faye got married in the start of August 2013.
 What a doll, she is! Faye flew in from Germany (but a true English Rose) for her wedding at South Farm in Royston. 
Faye had a real purple theme going on. 
We were able to play around with her makeup a bit and add a pop of purple in the liner.

The beautiful images below are by Jordana Marston  who has such a beautiful, unique style and way of capturing the feel of the day. The images really do give you the feel of what this magical day was like and just how beautiful this wedding, and of course, venue was like!

Photos by
Photos by

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Quick Plait/Braided Half-up Half Down Hairstyle

I love it when I have perfectly quaffed hair! I mean, who doesn't?

It's always nice to look good, but with life rushing past us, who has millions of hours to style our hair and put our makeup on. I literally want to be able to click my fingers and look good. Sadly, this is totally not possible, but I can definitely spare a few minutes to rock a new style if it isn't too much of a hassle.

Here is a quick tutorial on an easy half up half down hairstyle that can be for a nice date night, work, or even a wedding!

Check it out below!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Brigitte Bardot Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Nothing says 'sex bomb' like Brigitte Bardot's hair and makeup! This woman had some serious hair going on and amazing makeup that is still replicated to this day! 

Brigitte's slightly messy hair and cat flicks will never go out of fashion (at least in my eyes)

So I have recreated a Brigitte look for you, in my own style! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Wedding Photography - Guest Post | Jared Tseng

I often speak to my brides about who their photographers are and how they chose them. More often than not, they are unsure if they chose the right person and often have doubts. If you don't know your photography, its hard to make an educated decision. 

Today I have had the chance to chat with Jared Tseng  , a fantastic photographer (I had the chance to work with in April)  that has given us a glimpse into the photography world and some information that may be useful when choosing your own photographer for your big day. 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Party Makeup | Weddings| Festivals| Parties

I am a little late in posting this! This season has spiralled out of control and I am so busy...even busier than last year, I barely have time to send emails, let alone post on my blog...which seriously stresses me out because I LOVE updating my blog and knowing its sitting there, gathering internet dust makes me tres sad!

BUT I am here and I am updating and that's what counts NOW :)

As I am a full blown, freelance makeup and hair artist and my summers are consumed by weddings, I can't seem to stop thinking about them. So I wanted to do a tutorial for those who are going to weddings but not necessarily in the weddings.

I love getting uber glammed up for a wedding. This is a tutorial that will allow you to unleash the proverbial sex kitten and be your best, glam self for all of those weddings that are still ticking away!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Wedding Gifts That Rock!

It seems there are more weddings than least for me. With a never-ending stream of wedding enqueries coming through, it got me thinking... 'I wonder how many people I know are attending multiple weddings this year and what do you get everyone???' 

I know, personally, I like to keep gifts unique. I hate to think that someone else has bought the same gift as me. I like something quirky, but not too crazy and something that can stick around ... not a one off gadget or appliance that is only used while it is still fun. 

This is when I discovered UncommonGoods . There are some cool things on here and the best thing about it, as it is untapped territory. It's not overloaded like other 'unique goods' sites that everyone is hitting up the same venders. 
I first wanted to have a look at  special gifts for bridesmaids. Click here to check out some of the amazing gifts I came up with!
I loved this personalised branch bracelet! Its perfect for those rustic weddings that are so popular now!
RRP: £82-117

I did a search for wedding gifts here and there were so many great ideas. For example, personalised prints:
RRP £53-89.00 depending on frame.
Check the lovely prints out here!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Guest blogger Lena Mae brings you STREET STYLE with Lolo Brow.

Ola Amigos! I love gassing about my performing life, but don't really think it nestles comfortably within a beauty diary, hey? So here I am with something new that I hope works well and will interest you, dear Readers..CUTE PEOPLE WITH AWESOME STYLE! I lug my camera around with me most everywhere - so snapping someone who looks like a genius should be no bother. I began last week. Click click. Allow me to introduce you to : LOLO BROW
I've just started working with Lolo - we're both dancing in the House of Burlesque show at this Summer's London Wonderground on the Southbank. She turned up to rehearsals all DMs, green hair and FISH PRINT enormo-scarf and I had to blog about her.
I make no secret about the fact I think she's the coolest. Her beautiful, unusual tattoos are all designed by her, and the latest ones were inked onto her by Illumin-eye. The bright pink lipstick (it's kinda washed out in these photographs but it POPS in reality) is Maybelline 24 hour stay and is 'Bloody brilliant'
She matched her hair to her laces with some 'ribbon found in my crafts wardrobe' and the DMs are well loved staples. Even her amazing talons are effortlessly co-ordinated!
Her freshwater themed scarf was gifted to her by a family friend when she was a nipper, I love how she drapes it over her hair, reminiscent of a punk rock Mary Magdalene, maybe.. Lolo is an amazing dancer and performance artist, you can find out more about her here : Do let me or Ash know what you think about my guest blog, I welcome feedback and suggestions..Or if you can think of a hella hella name for it, give me a shout. My latest suggestion of 'Curb Crawler' wasn't very popular.. LOVE Y'ALL! Lena x