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Monday, 18 January 2010

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Brusha Brusha Brusha

I've had loads of response about the last article on how to do a 'smokey eye'. It seems a lot of girls tried it and MOST of them succeeded. However, there were a couple that weren't as lucky, or to put it in 'B's' words, FAILED MISERABLY! 'B' in particular doesn't have much make-up and got out of the habit of buying it. She only had a kohl pencil to work with, and wants to reinstate make-up into her routine without spending loads of money.

So to help our friends who struggled, here are some essential brushes to start their make-up kits off.

I have to admit my favourite brand of brushes are MAC's brushes, however my ALL TIME FAVOURITE brush is actually one I bought at Superdrug nearly 5 years ago. It's been a regularly used tool in my kit and because I've taken care of it and cleaned it after every use it's stayed in great condition...aside from the handle which is being held together by masking tape! (never underestimate the power of tape!)

Below is a comparison of two different brands, both of which are great in their own ways! Whether you're rolling in cash or pinching the pennies, there's a brush here for you!!!

Let's start with the Foundation Brush:


Both of these brushes are good! I have BOTH! So it's up to you which one you want to spend your money on! I say if you're starting out? Go for the QVS brush, available at Superdrug !

Next up is the Shadow Brush:


If you're starting out or you just want one good brush, I suggest starting with one of these bad boys! Just remember to clean after every use!

Last but not least, the Buffer Brush:


This brush is one of my favourites. I own the MAC one but have friends that use the QVS version and you can't tell the difference! Both are great!

**Just remember that no matter what type of brush you buy, you must take care of It to make it last!

I clean my brushes with MAC's brush cleaner or if they are really bad from theatrical make-up, then warm or hot water and a gentle cleansing soap will do!

Cleanse them until the water runs clear, this may take a minute or two, especially with foundation brushes.

Remember to use a gentle soap or shampoo that does not have any oil or treatment ingredients if you are not using a make-up brush specific cleanser.

Let the brushes dry thoroughly and then they're ready to go again!

There you go! Those are three essential items for your kit! They are a good place to start and then build from there!

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