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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 18 January 2010

Damage Control


In the last year I've taken it upon myself to have a good ol' fiddle with my lovely locks. I am naturally blonde and before 2009 I hadn't had my hair highlighted or coloured in 7 years!
My colouring frenzy started in the beginning of the year with a few highlights here and there. By the time summer 2009 hit I had decided to make a drastic change and died my hair auburn, then eventually chestnut. Though I loved having dark hair for the first time since my wannabe 'goth/punk' teens, the upkeep on blonde hair died dark was unmanageable and would fade within weeks. This meant constant re-dying and re-DRYING out my once soft hair!

I decided to go back blonde in November. I stripped my hair of the dark colour on my own, which left me with a strawberry blonde colour and slightly dryer hair. This looked OK at first, until the inevitable regrowth happened again and I started to resemble a fox's tail rather than a foxy lady!
I booked an urgent appointment with a colour specialist in the states to fix my hair once and for all, on my recent trip back to the US.

I sat down in the chair, the lady and I looked at each other and we crossed all of our fingers and toes in hopes that what she was about to do, would pull the remaining red out and I could go back to being a somewhat 'natural' looking blonde.

Here are the colour stages I went through once I went to my darkest colour...

I had to have about an inch cut off my hair to fix the damaged ends by the time I went blonde again. Which I must say is more of a caramel blonde that still has a hint of red, but is at least a much more even colour.

I am sad that I can't continue to have the dark hair. If I could, I would, but the upkeep was thrashing my hair.
Now that I am blonde again and have really tortured my hair, I have had to do some major damage control and give my hair a little bit of TLC. Firstly, I had to go out and get some yummy, moisture rich shampoo and conditioners.
I bought a massive bottle of TIGI's Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo, to repair my chemically treated hair and pump it back full of the vitamins A, B and E to re-introduce shine and moisture. So far it's brilliant. My hair feels soft and silky before I've even applied the conditioner.

Price ranging around £10, so make sure you look online for the best prices. 

To finish my shower hair routine I bought another massive bottle of TIGI's Dumb Blonde Conditioner. This isn't just for blondes, it's for any colour treated hair of any shade to help protect the hair, the colour and recondition damaged hair. I leave it in for at least 5 minutes in the shower as it acts as a hair mask as well. My hair is so soft after using it, it's as if I never let a chemical touch my hair!

Price ranging around: £20
I also purchased a leave in conditioner which helps prolong hair colour called, L'ANZA Trauma Treatment. I wish I had found this earlier when I was still sporting the dark hair as apparently it extends hair colour up to 107% longer!

 Price around: £10
Regardless of whether it helps colour stay put or not, it is a brilliant product as my hair stays feeling soft for days and saves it from the harsh blow drying, dry weather and hairspray I tend to coat my hair with. It is truly a leave-in conditioner for traumatized hair! I'm never going without this bad boy ever again!

Now that I am back in England, I have noticed my hair is starting to feel a bit heavy again. It's definitely the mineral deposits in the water that is doing this. So I am going to purchase myself a cleansing shampoo to use once a week. I suggest everyone does this as it really does change how your hair feels and reacts to to products and styling tools. Hair becomes a lot more manageable and also ensures your bad hair days are far and few between.

I'm in love with the L'ANZA brand now and therefore I am going to buy their Daily Clarifying Shampoo which gently removes build-up and residue from the hair without drying it out. I will only use it once a week as I only wash my hair about twice a week.

Price around: £10
You can find all these products on the internet and various salons. The internet tends to have better deals if you are trying save the pennies. Make sure you search around for the good deals. So check them out!

Happy Hair Days!
Ashley Kay

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