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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 31 January 2010


Here we go! At it again... 
Dave Sheldrick and I teamed up again this past Friday, 29th Jan. 

The shoot took place at Decoucher, a club just off High St Kensington. The times for the shoot changed a few times as we had to wait to have access to the club, but this didn't matter. 

The day started with getting the tube to High St Kensington. Dave had already called and said he'd be a bit late as a fuse had gone in one of the bulbs to the lighting equipment. I arrived early as did a few others. By about 1pm everyone had arrived but we still didn't have access to the club. To say it was cold out would be an understatement, so we all walked to Cafe' Nero to warm ourselves and pump ourselves full of caffeine. 

Our little fashion parade consisted of Dave the photographer, Zuice who Dave's lovely assistant for the day, J the designer, Nino the jet black haired model, Amy the lovely English Rose model, Luke who assisted with hairstyling on the day and myself! 

We all sat down and got to know each other, killing time before the chaos, as we were running seriously behind schedule by this point. 

Here are a few of us, just hanging out...most of us glued to our phones as usual!

As I was going through the proofs from the shoot, I saw this photo. This is Zuice (Zuice like's Zebras so changed her name to start with a 'Z') I loved this photo of Zuice taking a picture of Dave taking a picture of Zuice. It made me smile. 

Zuice blowing off a bit of steam before the big day!

About 40mins into our little coffee escape, J (the designer) got a call from the events manager at the club saying they were ready for us to make our ways over! We quickly chugged our drinks and made our way into the wind and rain to Decoucher.

As we walked into the club we quickly sussed out where we wanted to shoot. There were a few different rooms but the 'white room' was the best! 

We didn't have much time to waste. We had to set up straight away. Luke quickly got the blow dryer out to fluff up Johana's hair and I got to work on her face. The brief  for each model's look was dramatic eyes and cheekbones and pale skin! Easy peasy! 

Once Luke was done with Jo's hair I finished off her make-up and put her hair up for her.  
I think this is why my back has been hurting me yesterday and today. I did a lot of this leaning and twisting and I've seem to have thrown out my back now! Despite how 'funny' my spasming back looks to 'others', it's not funny to me. (If I laugh it spasms more!)

Despite the look on my face and the hair grabbing J is doing, this is actually a nice little chat we're having about what he'd like from Jo's hairstyle. 

After Jo, I started with Nino. I have to say there is something I really love about Nino. She and I had a good chat in Cafe' Nero and then spent quite a bit of time together throughout the day with me doing her make-up and changing her hairstyles over and over. 

This is my lovely Nino. She was not only gorgeous but had a gorgeous personality. 
While I worked on Nino's make-up, Luke worked on Amy's hair. 

Luke is a lovely chap! Luke is just making his way into the industry and this shoot was a good chance for him to do a bit of free-styling with the hair for the first shots until I took over for the remainder of the shoot. 

From here I started on Amy's make-up as we did quite a few shoots with Amy and Nino together, showing off J's fabulous coats!
Here is Amy before and after hair and make-up. 

I absolutely love doing Amy's hair and make-up. Amy's fiery red hair and lovely pale skin just looked amazing on camera. We were all gushing over this new model throughout the entire shoot. You couldn't fault her. 

Throughout the whole make-up and hair chaos, Dave was a busy beaver running all over the place shooting any models that were ready, while Zuice alternated with him. Dave and Zuice working side by side were able to get a lot of great shots in the little time we had. 

Here's Zuice taking a little modelling break. (Zuice is actually a model as well as being a talented photographer)

I then started work on Dana's face. Dana was our most outgoing model! A clever thing studying and doing modelling on the side. I couldn't get over how striking Dana is! Here she is having a little pre-hair and make-up sesh!

Once I finished with Dana's make-up, Zuice went on to back-combing Dana's hair for me before I gave her the biggest quiff I have ever given someone before. I did have to use quite a bit of toilet roll inside the quiff to keep it's height....but shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!

Here is Dana post hair and make-up. I'm sorry but I am pretty impressed with that beehive I gave her. Dana is already incredibly tall and her hair added so much extra height that she had the squat down to go through doorways.

Here are a few shots of the girls individually. I have to say it was a very successful day. Once we made our way into the club everything fell together without a hitch. I couldn't have asked for a better set of girls to work with or a better team to collaborate with. 

Nino, Dana, ME, Amy, J and Luke -Dave and Zuice behind the camera!





My Girls!

Phew! What a day! 11hrs of work! Time flies when you're having fun, that's for sure. Dave and I had thought of staying behind once the club opened but after all of this we were knackered. 

I have to give it to Dave, he is one talented guy. We have another shoot arranged on Wednesday and instead of Zuice being the ever patient assistant, she will be our model and what a lovely model she is! I am very excited to be working with them can't go wrong with our little team!

Thanks Everyone!

Watch this space...I have a busy few weeks ahead of me! 

Ash x

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