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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 18 January 2010

Glitter Galore

Glitter Galore

It's the 'Party Season'!!! This is my absolute favourite time of year! New dresses, new shoes, new make-up trends to make a whole new fashionable YOU!

I love a good accessory or two, from hats, scarves and most of all sparkling jewellery! This year however, I'm opting out of the jewellery accessories and instead will add sparkle with my make-up. Nothing's prettier than a lovely shimmering or sparkly shadow to brighten these dull, dark days of winter!

This festive year is all about make-up with a kick of glitter. We've got some of our biggest designers hopping on the glittery make-up bandwagon for their shows, from Prada to Louis Vitton.

Barry M has fantastic glittery gel eyeliners as well as Urban Decay. If you want to spend a bit more on a great product, MAC has some brilliant glitter gels as well.

There are a variety of ways you can get your glitter kick. There are thick glitters which add big sparkle and there are dusting powders which have sparkle without being too over the top. Here's an example of the different types of loose glitter you can get.

MAC BneverTooBusyToBeBeautiful
0x08 graphic 0x08 graphic
3D Silver
Multipurpose Glitters
Big Shot
Metallic Loose Powders

The MAC Multipurpose Glitters are pure glitter which can be either dusted onto the face or adhered to the skin with a lash glue such a DUO or Blend and Fix by the Make-up Store.

Alternatively, if you are wanting the sparkle with a little bit less fuss, why not try B's Metallic Loose Powders such as Big Shot. These are lovely loose dusting powders with fine glitter particles to give you a lovely wintery shimmer without the mess.

I am going to show you how to get the full party make-up look, from your eyes down to your lips!

0x08 graphic1. Start with a good base. Make sure you have cleansed, toned and moisturised. I like to use Lush's Ultrabland to cleanse with, which is gentle on my skin and gives me that added moisture I need in the winter. Once you have finished your routine apply your foundation. I used MAC C20 Face and Body. I've been to a few parties this season and needed a little extra coverage under my eyes, so applied some concealer to hide my party sins using Benefit's Boi-ing!. My skin is a bit delicate from the winter and I will do anything to not dry it out further, so on my T-zones and eyes I sealed in my foundation with MAC's Translucent Set Powder.

0x08 graphic 2. Next I applied all over the lids Korres 24s Gold shimmering eyeshadow.

0x08 graphic3. I then dusted Barry M Dazzling Dust in lilac. I dusted it along the upper lid and along the crease in the socket, bringing it slightly over the crease. Then I swept a delicate line under the eye on the lower lid to bring the colour together.

0x08 graphic 4. To make the eyes really pop I added MAC Satellite Dreams. I swept the colour along the outer 1/3 of the lid and brought it along in the crease to the inner eye. I then swept it along the lower lid again for added colour and definition. Girls with green eyes will love these

colours as the purple really enhances them!*Just remember to blend so there are no harsh lines.
We want a soft, mystical sparkle to the eyes!

0x08 graphic
5. I then took my BNever Big Shot Loose Powder and dusted it all over the lids and under the lower eye. For extra highlight and sparkle, just in the centre of the eye I dabbed extra powder!

0x08 graphic
6. I lined the eyes with a Black liner pencil for added definition and smudge with a liner brush. To soften it all back down again I dabbed some more of the Big Shot powder over the line for a delicate sparkle.

0x08 graphic
7. I curled the lashes, applied my Korres Blac Mascara 01 to the lashes.

8. Last but not least I applied MAC Coygirl blusher on the apples of my cheeks and for extra girly sparkle, on the top of my cheekbones I swept MAC Delicacy (a lovely iridescent powder). I applied MAC Dazzleglass Steppin' Out to my lips.

And there you go! Girly shimmer for this lovely party season!

0x08 graphic

Happy Holidays!

0x08 graphic

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