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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Umirosa shoot

Today I worked on a shoot for Umirosa which is an amazing knitwear company, founded by Sasha! RAQFDNT8P2SP

It was all spur of the moment as it always tends to be. My close friend, Lena Mae, tells me her friend Mary Spencer, a photographer whom I've worked with before, is in need of a make-up and hair artist PRONTO! Emails are quickly whizzed around and everything falls nicely into place.

I arrived at the studio at 11am in Brixton, a nice late morning start always goes down well. 
Mary meets me at the door, her hair noticeably shorter than when I last saw her so I didn't recognise her at first. I can tell Mary is a little stressed. She quickly tells me that the model who was scheduled for the shoot has cancelled due to 'possible bad weather' last minute and so Mary has brought in one of her favourite models, Tatianna Povalyaeva.

I start to set up and get my station ready for hair. Mary wants big hair that looks messy but isn't messy. First thing that sprung to mind was a bird's nest as there was talk of weaving yarn through the model's hair for the shoot. So I show Mary a few images and we agree that the 'bird's nest' idea is what we're going to do.  

Tatianna arrives shortly after I arrive. I feel bad because her hair is lovely, shiny and soft and I was about to backcombe her locks to within an inch of their lives. Tatianna doesn't seem to mind and gets onto the computer to chat to her family in Russia while I work away. 

The Umirosa crew soon arrive and start pulling out the amazing dresses, jackets, knitted hats, necklaces and leggins. Sasha, the designer, quickly starts knitting me a little square of red wool that I would eventually stick in Tatianna's (aka: TT as Sasha can't say Tatianna's name) hair. 
I finally get TT's hair in organized mess. I then proceed with her make-up. Umirosa knitwear is edgy but quite feminine at the same time. TT's hair looks like a cross between a Geisha and a Victorian lady so to counteract the primness of her hair we go 'pretty goth' with her make-up. Mary really wanted dramatic eyes, so we went all out. 

Here are a few of the photos from the day...some are taken on my phone as I absentmindedly forgot my SD card to my camera in my laptop when I left this morning and the other photos are shots that Mary took while I was doing touch-ups on TT's hair and  make-up.

Here are some more of TT at work. Despite TT being teased by Sasha, lovingly throughout the shoot, TT was a fantastic model and had a brilliant sense of humour. 

TT obviously having a giggle at the fact I am too short to reach her hair and being sure to have a little pose for the camera while she's at it!

The pictures only got better from here....but I will save those for another day. 

All in all it was a lovely day. The whole shoot went really well and I look forward to working with everyone again....and buying myself some Umirosa knitwear!

The fabulous clothes

Mary Spencer, Photographer

That's all for now!

Ashley Kay

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