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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Yesterday, Tuesday the 26th I had another shoot with a new model/photographer, Dave Sheldrick. Dave is from Korea but spends his time travelling between the two countries. 
Dave knows what he's looking for from his model and is great at instructing her what to do. In this case the model was Samantha Louise Hicks who is an up and coming model knows how to strut her stuff.

The day started with us meeting at Victoria Station. I happened to stop and wait by the WHSmith and saw this blonde girl walk past me and sit down. I had a  feeling it was Samantha...I asked her nervously (I don't like talking to strangers) and it was her. She had this amazing long blonde hair and a hot pink frilly jacket on. 

Once Dave arrived, dressed uber sheik like he was walking out of a Diesel advert as his clothes were  immaculate and hair strategically placed in an organised mess, we walked off to go find our first location for shooting, which in this case was Westminster Cathedral. We couldn't shoot inside but that didn't matter.

 I quickly got my make-up kit out and started painting up Sam's face!

This is only 5 minutes into it and I'm already starting to lose feeling in my fingers. Luckily I'm quite a wiz at the ol' make-up application and don't need to spend ages faffing about on the models face. 

Dave whisked Sam off and I started packing up the kit for the next location. Here's a photo before the proper snapping began!

After Westminster Cathedral we moved on to this area called Ashley Gardens. It was rows and rows of mansion blocks which were lovely. We stopped along there to shoot, but got a little freaked out when this dodgy guy was standing by one of the dumpsters shoving a bag under it with his foot and looking out for people. That's London for you!

This is the first location in Ashley Gardens...



Second Ashley Gardens bit!


After Ashley Gardens we went to the pub for some lunch near Victoria Station. Sam quickly changed into a new outfit while we were there and I touched up her make-up. This new dress that Sam wore was a little flimsy for this sort of weather. All I have to say is at least it wasn't raining out! Regardless, whether the sun was shining or not it was still -3C with the wind! OUCH!

Oh, also...we were doing a lot of photos near government buildings which really didn't go down well at all. We would have to literally run up, take a few photos and run off before we were stopped by security guards. A few times we were told off, but luckily they were quite nice about it.  I would just look down, grab our things and walk off while trying not to make eye contact!


I have to say that Sam was a trooper! You have no idea that just before this photo was taken she was trembling like a leaf. As soon as she knew Dave was ready she'd pull herself together and take the picture. I, on the other hand am standing off to the left with my gloves and jacket on as well as Sam's coat wrapped around me and I was still cold!

The final bit of shooting was by this amazing metal door. We were able to get quite a few good ones here but then were told to leave, by 4 huge security guards. It was right next to Parliament so I wasn't surprised we were being told to leave.

Poor Sam was an actual ice sculpture by this point. She probably would have shattered if you tapped her on the shoulder. The sun was low and about to set and the temperature had really dropped! Sam was amazing though and didn't complain once! 

After this, we all headed to Westminster tube. I couldn't go into the station without letting the tourist in me come out for a split second and so I quickly snapped a pic of Big Ben on my phone. I've lived in London nearly 8 years and I never get bored of the London scenery!

Everyone said their goodbyes and Sam went her way and Dave and I headed to our meeting in Mile End for another shoot we are doing on Friday.... so watch this space!

Ashley Kay!

p.s. I'm still cold

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