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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 15 February 2010

Maddy Barlow

Hey Hey I'm at it again!
Last Friday, the day after my Marco Sanges event, I had the pleasure of working with Madelaine Barlow for the first time.

Maddy is a talented up and coming photographer. When I saw her work on her model mayhem profile I knew I definitely wanted to work with her.
What lured me in even further is when Maddy told me we'd be shooting with two new MOT Models. I quickly had a look at their portfolios and knew it was going to be a successful shoot.

Along Maddy's side for the day was her assistant Hayley Brown. Hayley is also a talented photographer who was kind enough to assist Maddy for the day. Both girls were brilliant.... and so was their music choice...most of the day was spent listening to Rage Against the Machine...and a bit of Beyonce thrown in, in the beginning! Both rocking the studio!

I arrived just as the stylist David Bartlett arrived with his many bags and suitcases. We hurried up to the studio and David quickly started whipping out all the clothes so that he could press and steam them...I'm afraid he had his work cut out for him as everything was wrinkled! Poor David has his work cut out for him!

When I walked into the studio and saw Hayley for the first time...the first thing I did was scan down to her feet. There THEY  loafers...the ones I've been lusting after for months! Patent Leather Tassel Slip on Loafers from Russel and Bromley! I think my heart stopped for a moment when I saw them and it took a second to catch my breath!

Once I composed myself and stopped staring at Hayley's feet I set up my station and waited for the first model to arrive, which is this case was David Peters. David walked in blonde, incredibly tanned and slightly shy. I had him sit down and waited until the time was right to crack a 'sun-bed' joke. Luckily for him the tan was due to playing golf as he's a professional golfer...not because he spent hours on a tanning bed every week. The banter quickly flowed and David soon felt relaxed and ready for the day.

Once David was ready Fergel arrived...the other model. Fergel was a little less shy and so he quickly sat down and started chatting away about his acting, his job as the manager at Abercrombie & Fitch and other bits and bobs.

Once the boys were ready, Maddy and Hayley were set up and David(stylist) had pressed all 4000 outfits we were ready to go. David quickly threw the boys into some very well put together outfits, making them look sleek and edgy. Every outfit David pulled out was brilliant! His ability to accessorize was an art in itself! I took down a few notes!

Once the shoot started and everyone began to loosen up, the banter really started to flow. For those who know me, know my sense of humour... to say it's crass is a bit of an understatement...but luckily Maddy had the same sense of humour and had me giggling the whole day. There was something infectious about Maddy and every time she said something it put a great big smile on my face. As for Hayley...every time I looked at her shoes a bit of me died on the inside. Along with my shoes I think Hayley stole my dance moves. I'm pretty sure I have this move copy-written.

Here's the boys in action throughout the day. 

Here David (model) ... first in action!
The testosterone was building so the boys released some steam with a real man's game... a thumb war.

They were both winners and each was too polite to beat the other... awwwww.
Maddy then suggested they take their shirts off...obviously for artistic purposes people!

Then came the tougher shots for the boys...once Maddy and Hayley decided who would lift who...the tough work began. The boys had to hold the posses for a minute or so at a time, over and over... They did incredibly well and never complained.

Maddy finished off with a few of these double shots which I think worked out really well. 

At that was a wrap... everyone was happy!

One last thing...I couldn't leave the shoot without one last picture!!

Over and out!

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