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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Marco Sanges

It's been another busy week for me. I have had work on most days and I'm starting to get all of my days muddled and forgetting when and what I have done on which days! It's now Sunday and I can hardly remember what it was I had done on Tuesday! My brain is on overload and seems to only be able to retain only a few key things at the moment...mainly 'which day am I working next and who with?'

Saying all this, I am loving every second of it. Each day has brought something new and even more exciting. One of the best days this week (though all have been fun and exciting in their own ways) was Thursday, working with Marco Sanges on his gallery preview. If you don't know who Marco Sanges is, please check him out on: .

I have never worked on a production like this before and I hope it wasn't the last time. The interesting people I met was unbelievable and the talent surrounding me had me in awe most of the day!

There were 29 people needing hair and make-up done. All in 1920'-30's style with a bit of a twist. The men and women all had a touch of Otto Dix. Their characters weren't supposed to be naturally beautiful...but in their harsh make-up and strange hair they looked beautiful in their own grotesque ways. You just couldn't take your eyes off them. 

There were a total of 6 make-up artists 5 hair stylists. Though I do hair as well, I stuck to make-up that day and had Kylie as my hair stylist. Kylie does make-up as well but our day just panned out with me doing make-up and Kylie sticking to hair, which she did beautifully. 

But this doesn't mean I didn't assist with hair, especially when it came to the girls who had to have their hair standing straight up into a cone shape on their heads. Luckily all my sculpting and pottery making enabled me to help Svajunas Grybe, a brilliant hair stylist, create a stable base for the hair to mold placing a paper coffee cup on the head and pulling part of the hair through it and then shaping the hair around it! I was pretty pleased with myself...considering Svanjunas is pretty spectacular!

I, myself, worked on 4 of the actresses that day. My first actress was Tanya Jarvis who was playing an Otto Dix character in a top hat and monocle. Tanya was lovely and sweet and had a soft Russian accent that I soaked up during our little make-up session. 
Here is Tanya (the blonde) with another lovely lady from the show. 

The next lovely creature I worked on was Eliza Cooke. Eliza is taking a year out from her PhD studies to be a life drawing model ( I have a feeling all the life drawing classes she poses for are full every time without fail!). Eliza is also a dress model for Agent Provocateur...which...for those who don't know what that is...Agent Provocateur fit their designs to Eliza who is a size 10 ...which means that Eliza is a perfect 10! (cheesy)

After Eliza I moved straight on to Maria...a darling Italian dancer who has been living in London as long as I have. Maria Rita Salvi seemed shy at first but once we started talking I really warmed to her and found myself completely engrossed in everything she had to say. Maria had Otto Dix style make-up as well, so I quickly worked my skills and applied some suitably unflattering make-up!

Last, but certainly not least was my lovely Hazel Kayes who is an actress and dancer. Hazel and I clicked straight away. Hazel played the Felliniesque character who had crazy hair...styled by Allessio Balldassarri (another brilliantly talented stylist). Hazel had to have over the top make-up to match the character's personality! 
Hazel had also invited her son and his friend to the show...who is used to seeing her dressed up in corsets, but never seen his mother walking around in a corset and fish-nets stockings, heals and underwear! 
I was very pleased with how Hazel's make-up came out...again...not normally a style I would work in, but fun regardless!
Hazel, originally was going to wear a candelabra on her head that she had made before the wasn't fitted to her head during the hairstyling which meant once her hair was done they found it wouldn't fit securely and therefore she had to wear another headpiece she had brought (luckily!). It was a shame though, as the candelabra was fantastic!!!! I was gutted for her! 
 (note the exhaustion on my face...)

Here are a few other behind the scenes of the evening. After we were all finished and the show and live narration was over, the actors mingled in with the other party members (party goers including Michael Nyman who's music was being played by the string quartet and Gavin Tuck and Andy Serkis (who plays Gollum in The Lord of the Rings)  for the exhibition (remaining in character of course) I was whipped several times by one of the actresses! My bum was slightly sore for a couple of days after!!

 (Here is my abuser having her hair finished off by Kylie)
(Hazel in character)
 (I clearly need a better camera!)

All in all it was a pretty fab day and evening. I walked away from the event on a massive high, skipping all the way home! I'm looking forward to seeing the images from the event and once I have those I shall post them up as soon as possible!

I'll be back as I have several other exciting events that I worked on last week and will be working on this coming week (including working as make-up artist in London Fashion Week for Pierre Garroudi's S/S10 line catwalk! ....

WATCH this space! I have an exciting two weeks ahead of me!


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