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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Modern 1940's Glam!

I'm one of those girls that takes a bit of inspiration from every decade. Some of my favourite glam styles come from the 40's. In the 40's everything was pristinely tailored, crisp, clean and beautiful. I have not come across an old photograph as of yet that depicts anything other than beauty, whether it was just an average girl next door or a Hollywood Starlet.

I think if you want to really look beautiful on a special night out whether it's dinner with a friend, a date with a new boy or special Valentines dinner with the one you love, I say try a bit of 40's glam!

Here's what I used:

1. NC20 tinted moisturiser MAC
2. NC20 concealer MAC
3. Translucent Powder MAC
4. Vanilla eyeshadow MAC
5. Soba eyeshadow MAC
6. Old Gold Pigment MAC
7. Dipdown paint pot MAC
8. Brownette Mascara
9. Fling Brow pencil MAC
10. Golden Bronzer MAC
11. Whirl lip line MAC
12. Plastique lipstick MAC
13. Curling tongs Babyliss Pro

Here's what I did:

* First I started with my hair so that it could set while I did my make-up.

1. I heated my small barrel curling tongs. Once they were ready I sectioned off my hair.

I lightly curled back my fringe first with the tongs and pinned them back to set. I then started working my way through sections of my hair and pinning them in place with hair grips. I did this until every bit of my hair has been curled and pinned into place.

2. Once I finished sectioning it all off I sprayed it all with hairspray to make sure it set. I then had to endure the next 20 mins of make-up application looking like a grandmother...the price I had to pay for beauty.

The Make-up

1. After my usual beauty routine I applied my tinted moisturiser, concealer (where needed...mainly under my eyes!) and translucent powder to set the foundation. I then applied all over my eyes from lash line to eyebrow the Vanilla eyeshadow.

2. After I applied Soba on my upper lid until I hit the crease and swept it down onto my lower lash line.

3. Next I applied the Old Gold Pigment. The pigment range from MAC is just that...very pigmented, so I had to use it sparingly, adding more where needed. It's better to build that to go to heavy straight away. I applied this just in the crease of my eye, making sure to blend it well.

4. After which I applied my Dipdown liquid liner with a flat liner brush and I filled in my eyebrows with Fling brow pencil. I think eyebrows are really important. I have a tendency to look at people's eye brows as it shows your expression and when they are groomed and neat they enhance your entire look!
5. After the liner and brows I applied my mascara and Golden Bronzer to the tops of my cheekbones.

6. I always apply lip liner to others when I do their make-up but rarely wear it myself, but I feel if you are really going to hit the 1940's glam high note you can't miss this step!

I started with each corner of my upper lip and drew a line with my Whirl lip liner up to the peak and then filled in the 'V'. I then started from each corner of my lower lip and drew 3/4 the way in on each side and then joined them up together on the bottom. I went a little outside my lip line to give myself a bit of a fuller lip. 

7. I then filled in my lips with Plastique lipstick using a lip brush. 

8. Once that was all done I could finally let my hair down. I pulled out all the grips, ran my fingers through my hair and set the curls with spray!

An updated 40's look in as little as an hour!

Happy Valentines Day

Ashley Kay

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