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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Carolina goes Glam!

I had a shoot cancel last minute and decided to pop by my friend's house instead! As I had all my kit with me, Carolina asked me if I would do a make-over on her.
Carolina normally wears black and silver when she goes out at night, but she wanted something different.

I decided to go with something equally as glam as her black and silvers, but a bit more sophisticated and warmer. Carolina is missing out on her summer in Peru, so I went with something that would warm her complexion and make her skin look sunkissed!

What I used (combination of my products and Carolina's so she could do it at home too) :
1. Clinique tinted moisturiser
2. Benefit Boi-ing concealer
3. Shimmery cream coloured shadow
4. Frosted light brown shadow
5. Frosted deep brown shadow
5. Black pencil eyeliner
6. Clinique Mascara
7. MAC Golden Bronzer
8. Beige lipstick and gloss

How I did it:


After Carolina cleansed her faced I applied the Clinique tinted moisturiser. I combined her medium and light tubes of foundation as her skin tone was in between the two.

Where the moisturiser didn't cover I applied the Boi-ing concealer under her eyes and any blemishes she had (which was practically none as her skin is perfect!)
Look how happy she is!
Aww that's better! 

Once the base was on, I applied the shimmery shadow in a soft cream colour all over her upper lids from lash line to brow and placed a little in the inside corners of her eyes to brighten them.
Look at her! She's loving it!

Once the light shadow was applied, the frosted beige is applied from the outside corners of the eyes 3/4 the way in and brought just above the crease line for added depth.

I then swept it down along the lower lid from the outside corner of the eye to 3/4 way in towards the centre corners of the eye.
Look! She's trying not to laugh. I clearly made a hilarious joke as usual. 

After I have blended the light beige shadow, I then applied the deep brown shadow inside the creases of the eyes and along the lash line to create a soft smokey eye. I then swept the deep brown along the lower lashes to finish off the smokey eye look. 

After all the shadows are blended well together and evenly I applied the black liner along the upper and lower lash lines, being sure to blend them with a flat liner brush to create a soft finish that deepens the smokey eye look. 
Then I applied the Clinique mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.
She's loving it now!
I then filled in her brows with a angled brow brush and a mix of two brow shadows. The brown brow shadow I had was too warm for her hair colour so I had to mix it with a brown/black shadow to get the right finish! 

I love good brows! I say it all the time! The face doesn't look finished until the brows are filled in!!

**Don't be afraid to mix colours and experiment. It can be impossible to buy the exact colours all the time. Make do with what you have and mix and match to get the colours you need! I do it all the time...most of the time actually! 

Ohhh it's starting to come together now!

In a circular motion I applied the MAC Golden Bronzer to the apple's of Carolina's cheeks, a bit to her chin and upon request...I made her nose appear slimmer by contouring along the outside of her nose and then adding a bit of shimmer powder along the ridge of her nose. 

Best to leave contouring for the evenings as it can be quite noticeable during the day. If your nose is wide, shade with a powder a tone or two darker than your natural colour to make it appear smaller and a lighter colour along the ridge. If your nose is prominent and you want it to appear smaller, shade along the ridge. 
But don't go over the top! You want to look human, not like a mannequin!

I then applied Carolina's neutral lipstick and gloss to finish the look! I allowed her to put her fringe back as soon as I finished! Her hair drying and curling brush was out in a flash!
Look at her! She loves it!


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