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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Ballad of Mulla and Mullins

My third week of my work-a-thon was my favourite week. I was emailed on Good Friday saying I was indeed needed for a short film taking place the following week.

Andi Tajti, the assisting director sent my info off to the director of the film, Matthew Lindsey a fellow southerner from Georgia. I was being taken on as hairstylist, but by the last few days of the shoot I was doing make-up as well.

The short was written as a short play by the talented Jason Wing.  Jason met Matt and showed him the play and Matt saw the potential for a brilliant short film. Jason managed to pull in Alan Ford as 'Johnson' in the film which set the standard for the whole short. Alan Ford is known best for his roles in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

Jason, through his contacts managed to get DoP Gareth Munden who's worked on a huge range of advertisement campaigns as well as doing the stills for three of the Harry Potter films.

After that everything fell into place, from Louis the producer and actor on the film, the set designer, Sound and lighting , camera assistants, costumer designers, runners and make-up and hair artists.

Filming started on  Tuesday 6th April and we went straight to work. Here are some behind the scenes of what went on. More will be updated as and when I receive the new ones.

Alan Ford as 'Johnson'

Gareth Munden DoP

Matt Lindsey, Director and playing Mulla
Peter Cardona (Louise Cardona's father, just having a little sit down.)
Louis Cardona is the producer and plays Mullins in the film.
Gareth Munden and Ollie Tiong


Jason Wing (Writer of the film and plays Peterson) chatting to Gareth
Louis checking if Jason/Peterson is alive (he shouldn't be)
Myself, Louis and Charlotte Archer (sfx make-up artist and grooming)

The girls with the one and only Alan Ford

Alan was enjoying the little photo session
The boys after Alan was finished with his scenes for the film

Then came the fight scene.
Danny Cardona getting battered by Charlotte
Round One!
These boys were brilliant! Their acting skills were superb! 

Olivia Pavey Production Designer
Manuel Sa' Gaffer
Gareth being Gareth

Shoot off!
Gabriel Cardona playing  Child Mullins and Jake Carroll playing Child Mulla
Child Mulla and Mullins with Matt Grater playing the Baker
Our late night shoot began at 10:30pm and ended at 4am! Here's the start of it. Ollie erasing yet half asleep.
Nathan Osgood playing older Mulla with Jason Wing

Leslie Csuth Mullins

Ovi aka Kindergarten

Bronwen Sharp, 2nd to last day of filming. 
Same day only now morning we have Bronwen Sharp Mrs Mulla and Bernice Pike the Brassy Blonde
The girls after I finished hair and make-up
Gareth and Manuel practising a bit of TLC

Me being busy.

The chip shop scene. Gareth standing in.

This final set of photos is on the last day of shooting. We couldn't have asked for a better last day, the sun was out, everyone was happy, joking, and working hard!
The chip shop!
The backbone of the film, Matt and Jason!
Louis and Jason getting ready for the final scenes!
Gareth! BAD Gareth! Baddddd

Bruno and Gareth
Andi taking the role of Assistant Director and runner
The two roles were exhausting and Andi was in need of a nice cup of tea.
As well as Ollie

...and myself

Tea wasn't enough for Ollie, he was contemplating a Pimms perhaps, but wasn't sure if this pub sold any.

Andi playing around with my glasses and Gareths lovely face

The two directors
Louise got a tad out of control and I had to rough him up a bit.

Then Matt got involved and I had to show him who's boss as well...

Ovi and Andi enjoying the sun

Louis' Dad went to go find himself a seat across the street.

Then  Gareth came along and said 'ME too! Me too!'

Gareth and Andi celebrated the wrapping up of the final scene! 

Gareth finally let me tame his hair!

Jason and Gareth

Then Ollie wanted a go too! did Manuel

That's a wrap! The short film The Ballad of Mulla and Mullins has been accepted into the Cannes film festival and Director and Producers Matt Lindsey and Louis Cardona will be heading to Cannes next month for the premier!

I couldn't have worked with a better cast and crew!

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  1. i enjoyed viewing the pictures, you captured it so much and it really looks fun, Hope to see more of this in the future.


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