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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 26 April 2010


I have really run my hair through the mill this past year and I'm trying to give it a well deserved break. 
After dying my hair red and then chestnut, I finally had my hair stripped back to blonde again. However, I am an ash blonde which is a light blonde but has more of a grey ash tone to it during the summer with it's own platinum highlights from the sun. 

When I look back at the photos of my hair before 2009 when my hair hadn't seen a dye or foil in 7 years and I wonder 'WHAT WAS I THINKING???' in dying that hair dark? Seriously girls... put the peroxide and hair dye down!

Anyway, because I had my hair stripped, my hair is now one colour...except my 3inch roots! The sun has been bleaching the stripped back hair more and more which is going more beach blonde everyday, but unfortunately my roots are an entirely different shade. The roots are lightening as well, but in a different way. I was so tempted to hit the salon again but I refuse to get stuck in that rut of monthly visits to fix my barnet!

There has to be a way to lighten my roots naturally and apply highlights without putting peroxide on my hair! People have said 'Use Sun-in!' ,..umm  I don't think so! I remember playing around with that as a child and though my hair is blonde enough, that lovely little sun in a bottle is filled with ickies that I don't want to be breathing in! Other people have said 'Use lemon juice!'. Ah ha! That's one I am willing to use and something I used to use when I lived in Californa! It well and truly works. 

So I was doing some research and came across an article about a new hair treatment called The Organic Lemonaide Treatment.   This got me thinking... I have enough experience with hair to do this myself... but for those who don't, it's a great way to get highlighted hair in a natural way! It's for Naturally blonde or light brown hair and it costs from  £95 and can be done at Neville Hair and Beauty Salon. 

This is how it's done. Jose Molino, the celebrity colourist for the salon, soaks your hair in lemon juice and then applies the lemon through strips of your hair to give it a naturally highlighted look.  Elle Magazine recommends it as it's safer, healthier and gives a more natural look than highlighting with chemical lighteners!
I'm going to give this a go, showing you the 'before's' and 'afters', to see how this works out for me! If it works well then I recommend everyone book at appointment with Neville Hair & Beauty Salon in Belgravia, London! Check it out!!!

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