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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Madelaine Barlow Take III

Maddy and I teamed up again for the last of the rugby shoots. We had the pleasure of having Tom Reese and Tom Varndell! We also had Dom Waldouck and Rob Webber.

Dom Waldouck just got voted 'Young Player of the Year' and both Dom and Rob have been called to play for England. Both Toms have been called to play or England's second team! Well done boys!

We also had a new stylist working with us, Richard Simpson, from Terri Manduca Agency. He couldn't have been nicer! Every comment or word out of his mouth was said with a smile. Richard completely lit up the behind the scenes of the shoot and not to mention bringing the BIG BRANDS to the show! He kitted out the boys immaculately!

Esme, the lovely SFX artist was on hand again to bruise up the boys, who arrived bruise-less for once!

Here are the behind the scenes and some final shots for the Matt Hampson charity.

Me grooming Dom Waldouck

Tom Reese getting familiar with the foot brace again

Hayley, Maddy, Richard dressing Tom Reese with his designer sling!

Tom Reese ME and Rob Webber

The boys discussing past injuries

Rob being dressed by Richard

Hayley rockin it again

Here are the final shots! Looking forward to everything being put together!

Rob Webber

Tom Varndell

Tom Reese

Dom Waldouck

I will keep you updated on what Madelaine will be doing with these photos and how they will be involved with the Matt Hampson Charity.

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