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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Running For My Life!

So for most of my life...well since I was about 5 years old, I have been addicted to fitness in one way or another. If I wasn't playing sports I was at the gym. 

I can't really say where the obsession came from, but I just always remember it being there. 

Since the beginning of this year I decided I wanted to run the London Marathon. I always wanted to run it, but this time I actually made a plan to...but not the 2010 Marathon that just passed... it was the 2011.

I was training really hard and running up to 11 miles 4 days a week....until... I got really ill during a run with my fitness instructor and good friend, Natalie Batson.  
I soon realised the reason I got so ill was because I was pregnant and my body was telling me to slow down.

It was a little bit of a shock to my system as I soon became really ill with morning sickness and could hardly get myself out of bed, let alone go to the gym!!! Needless to say I was GUTTED!

BUT NOW I am in the second trimester and I feel GREAT! Also, before I found out I was pregnant I had signed up for the British 10K run in Hyde Park for this July and I AM STILL GOING TO RUN IT! Woooo!

I may not run it like I had planned....which of course was uber fast, faster than everyone, faster than the fastest person can run...but do plan to run/jog/walk it in my own time and complete it.

I still need donations however, to my charity of choice, which are for the Royal Veterinary College of Animal Care Trust. 

The way people can donate for myself and my husband are to go to this site:

The sad thing is... I may not be able to run the 2011 Marathon like I had planned... though I am hoping if I keep fit during my pregnancy like I have been and then start training again as soon as I feel capable of it...I may be able to just show up on the day and run, like I had wanted to! EEK! 

WELLL Paula Radcliffe ran a marathon 2 weeks after having her first baby.... SO WHY CAN'T I????? :)

Here is the 'bump' the day I found out I was pregnant. 4 weeks

Ohh Dear here's the 'bump' now! I will do my best to run with my little load I'm carrying up front...but I won't be able to run unless people sponsor us!

16 Weeks

Ok, It doesn't look substantial on camera, but let me tell you it feels huge! :)

Please be kind and help sponsor us!

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