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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 29 July 2010

bareMinerals 5 Minute Make-over and Product Review!

I have done another 5 minute make-over for everyone using all bareMineral products, one Estee Lauder Lipgloss and Clarins moisturiser.

Below my video is a little run down on Bare Escentuals the company which makes bareMineral products. It's always good to have a bit of insight into what goes on your face! I highly recommend you read it!

Now enough of the rant! Let's get on to the make-over!

1. 'Clarins' Multi-Active Day Cream
2.' bareMinerals' Medium Beige Foundation
3.'bareMinerals'  Downtown Eyeshadow
4. 'bareMinerals' Soul Eyeshadow
5. 'bareMinerals' Warmth Blush
6. 'bareMinerals' Mascara
7.'Estee Lauder' Simply Pink

HERE'S HOW I DID IT:  Please excuse how tired I am in this video!

I have just started using bareMinerals properly in the last couple of weeks. I got in touch with bareMinerals originally to get people to use something different and something more natural.

I personally like bareMinerals/Bare Escentuals for a variety of reasons, starting with the fact they are animal friendly. I personally believe that there is no need to test cosmetics on animals when there are plenty of people that are happy to trial things themselves. Being a vegetarian myself, I do what I can to ensure that the products I use on myself and in my make-up kit are cruelty free.

You can get a complete list of cruelty free, vegan and or natural products through Peta and various organisations:

Natural make-up:

Now some lists are not up to date so always best to check with the companies, as some who may at one point have tested on animals may have stopped now and gone over to the good list. One of those that I know of is Estee Lauder who you can ask directly and see it on their site that they do not test on animals. So always best to check with the company first before boycotting everyone.

This isn't the only reason I like bareMinerals. The name says it all. Bare Escentuals, which is the actual company that produces bareMinerals, prides itself on using 100% mineral based make-up. This means that you won't find any of those nasty parabens in your make-up, unlike most other products we use.

Parabens are a preservative that are used for their bactercidal and fungacidal properties and can be found in most of our bathroom and FOOD products such as shampoos, moisturisers, fake tan, food additives and even toothpaste.

There are debates on what parabens do to our bodies with studies indicating that the use of them can result to breast cancer and other ickies. Others say that they are harmless, but I say, if nature hasn't naturally supplied parabens in foods and things that are meant to go on or in the body, then we should probably stay clear anyway!

Another good thing about bareMinerals is that they are fragrance free, chemical free and therefore gentle on all skin types. This means that most people can use them!

bareMinerals aren't just powder bases such as foundations, blushers and eyeshadows, it also has lipliners, lipsticks, skin preps and even mascara! So if you are someone who is looking to do a complete, natural, overhaul on your make-up drawer, I recommend giving bareMinerals a go.

I know not everyone has the cash to throw out all of their products or may even have some items in their make-up bag that they can't part with, but a good place to start is by buying one thing at a time and eliminating the bad products as much as you can, doing that is better than nothing at all!

You can view their products online or in selected stores: Bare Escentuals

Thanks for watching!

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