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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 2 August 2010

Jennifer Higby Artist, Mother and Brilliant Friend...

Jennifer Higby, one of my oldest and most lovely friends!

I met Jenny 14 years ago when we were babies in High School in Colorado.  I was 14 and a freshman and Jenny was 15 and a sophmore. We lived near each other and took the same bus to school. One day, while listening to our discman (GASP! No MP3 players back then!) with our proper headphones (You know, the ones than actually had big fluffy speakers around your ears?), both of ours ran out of battery at the same time. We both turned to each other, asking the other if they had a spare battery. We became good friends after that day.

Jenny was probably one of the most talented artist friends I have. Growing up in L.A. meant I met a lot of friends who had some sort of artistic talent, from music, fashion to drawing, but no one had the drawing creativity and talent that Jenny has. Jenny studied art throughout High School and even did a hilarious drawing of me when I had my cropped hair and thought I was punk rock!

After High School, about a year or so later, Jenny and I became flatmates for a while. We used to talk about us going to Venice Beach, California to be tattoo artists. We never did make it to Venice Beach. but instead I moved to London not long after and Jenny helped run a business and had two beautiful girls.

As time went on I started my own art career in London and Jenny started her art career in Colorado. Jenny creates murals, collages, portraits and also trains as an apprentice tattoo artist (i'm very jealous). Jenny is one of my oldest and most lovely, unique friends. Her artwork definitely represents who she is as a person and the passion and creativity she possesses.  I have watched Jenny create amazing images over and over again. Her talent is endless and she is only getting better.

Here is a portrait she did of my best friend Lena Mae (whom you have probably read about in my blog) backstage at one of her shows.

Myself and Lena and ummm her assets 

You can view more of Jenny's work that's for sale on Jennifer Higby Art . Jenny also takes commissions so if you have a musician that you LOVE, you'd like a collage of the things your love, a pet who you adore or you would just like to have a portrait of yourself, I definitely recommend going to Jenny for your next custom piece. 

Now go check her out now! QUICK!

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