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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 27 September 2010

The Soundpipe Records & Retro Grand Photography -Music Videos

Here are several other music videos I have worked on as Make-up and Hair Artist. There is also two others that are due to be released soon.

The Soundpipe Records

Some of the official photos you see on here are by Retro Grand . Raj, the photographer, is not only talented and really knows how to work her retro styles in images, but she is also one of the loveliest people to work with and I have had the pleasure of working with her on every video from day one.

Here is some of her work from the music videos we worked on:

Here are the videos:

Hardee - Oh Kuri (Official Video)

This is Caroline my assistant on the day.
Great Team...and beautiful ;)

* Assisting me on the day Carolina Rey de Castro.  (Her first time assisting and she did a fantastic job)

 Horizon - Remember Me (official Video)

* This was one of the first videos I did with The Soundpipe Records and I have since worked with Horizon on several other videos. He's really lovely and it's always nice to see a familiar face as this industry usually has me meeting new people each job and I am not always lucky to work with the same people over and over.

Danny C- Fateh  Featuring Horizon

* I remember this video well because I literally arrived in London after an 11 hour flight from the states, went home, grabbed my make-up kit and drove straight to the shoot!

JEET - Zara Bachke

* I have this one on an earlier blog. Jeet used to be a Bollywood actor who was then featured on a UK tv show called 'The Family' with his in-laws, wife and children.

The Bangle Remix OFFICAL VIDEO - Taj E, Juggy D, City Boy, YDRE, Horizon

* This was the first video I worked on for The Soundpipe Records. It brings back loads of memories. I worked on this almost a year ago to the day.

 (This was my red hair phase!)

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