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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Gifts for Christmas-from Art, Food to Make-up!

I always have the issue of what to get people for Christmas. I like to get original things if I can, but everyone knows that it's not that easy! I not only get gifts for my family but get gifts for my in-laws as well and as people's tastes change or children grow up, it gets even harder!

I have quite a few talented friends and family members who paint, knit, bake, sing, sew etc! Some of them I have talked about on here before, but thought I would give you some ideas for gifts for those you love when you are running out of original ideas!

Let's start with original pieces of art!

I recently purchased the Elvis drawing by Jennifer. 
Limited Edition of 30, Elvis Giclee Print

Jennifer works in collage in inks, pencils, paper transfers and text to express herself. Jenny is also doing portraits over Christmas of pets and family members if you like. 
Custom Pet Portrait 5 in. x 7 in with 1 1/2 in. border

She doesn't stop there though! Jenny now sells her prints on t-shirts and tank tops! I'm dying for her Elvis tank top!
Elvis Screenprinted Tank Top

This one is one of my new favourites
Save the Gulf Pelican vintage scoop- neck tee

I definitely recommend checking out her works of art!

Looking for something pretty and handmade? I suggest BERLIN HAIR BABY and her original hair pieces! Every Girl that wears them seems to turn into a Greek Goddess. 
Sugar Maple Starlet Headband
The Circe Headpiece in Gold
The Circe Headpiece in Gold
These are gorgeous!

One of my other close friends is in a fantastic band called SLASHED SEAT AFFAIR so if you are looking for some new, original music, I recommend checking them out and buying one of their CD's for that someone special!

If you really want to knock someone's socks off this Holiday season, why not spice up a Christmas party with your own Burlesque experience! With the Burlesque film coming out soon, you can be ahead of the game and have your own party with your own Burlesque Entertainment!
One of my closest friends, Miss Lena Mae is one of the most talented people I know. Her smile is infectious and her performances are cute and quirky, leaving everyone smiling and giggling when she is done! 
Don't be shy! Check out Lena Mae! She is also one facebook:

Now I don't know about you, but I LOVEEEE food! I know I sound like I little piggy, but it's true! I don't really know anyone who DOESN'T like food. So this got me thinking, why get people food for Christmas? I had a friend that made me jam one Christmas and it was one of the yummiest gifts received!

It's not that difficult to make jam. You can buy kits to do it. If you are in the UK then try LAKELAND which sells everything you need to make your own jam. 
If you are in the US then why not try TARGET or maybe BED BATH AND BEYOND as they may have what you need. 

If you aren't really into making jams but like to bake, why not bake them cookies or cupcakes for Christmas? I am all about baking!! The links I put up above will have the bakeware you need to get started then all you need is some great recipes. One of my favourite books is by THE HUMMING BIRD BAKERY as they have some of the yummiest recipes to try! ORRR Check out my close friend Brierlie's blog EAT ME. Brierlie has been considerate enough to release some of your yummiest recipes to the public! Check some of these bad boys out that Brie has lovingly baked.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy receiving something like this!

HOWEVER!!! I do know that a lot of people just really CANNOT cook or bake to save their lives.... but that's OK because you can order cakes from a number of people:
BEVERLY HILLS BAKERY (makes some yummy cookies)
ENGLISH CHEESE CAKE (I used to order from here before I knew how to make my own cheesecake!)
SIMONA CAKES Local to Cambridge and super yummy!

If you are looking to pamper someone you can get them Spa Days at any spa close to you or give them a make-over day with a make-up artist or personal shopper to help them revamp for the new year!
You can check out my website for some information on pamper days I offer and if you are in the US, then do a search for Make-up artists near you and see what they offer!
Or get her some lovely Christmas Make-up Gift sets. I will be doing a separate blog on Estee Lauder's new Christmas Gold Gift Collections ranges out!
 The Makeup Artist Professional Color CollectionGold

So if this doesn't give you some ideas, then I don't know what will!
Happy Christmas Shopping!

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