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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Holiday Party Make-up 2010 Episode 1- Extravagant Golds

Welcome back!

I am doing a series of party looks for this Holiday Party Season. I know people are always looking for new make-up and hair inspirations for all the different parties! I know I hate looking the same in photos from different parties...and let me tell ya, I would never be caught dead in the same dress twice in one year let alone one party season, but that's just me.

So with each new outfit you MUST have a new look!
I always liked to push the boundaries each Christmas season by trying to outdo my outfit from the year before. It started back around Christmas 2005 with a spotty vintage dress...and from then on each year I would push it further and further with a new vintage dress. However,disaster struck in 2008 with my dress as someone at one of my parties during the summer thought it would be hilarious to go into my closest and walk out in my 2008 Christmas dress! I didn't wear it in the end because the big reveal had been ruined! She completely ruined the surprise.  This is HOW serious I take the dresses!

Here are a few of my favourite frocks...and even the disastrous 'PEACH NIGHTMARE' 2008 dress (it was a 1980's Vogue Couture dress shipped all the way from L.A.!)
I unfortunately don't have a full length picture of myself in this, however I can assure you it is highly flammable  material and is a 1980's Bridesmaid's dress I altered.

However...I did let a friend borrow it recently for a fancy dress party...because apparently that's all my dresses are good for :D

Ex Bridesmaids dress which I altered. I wore it with some rockin Irregular Choice Shoes!
The shoes were similar to these IRREGULAR CHOICES but with purple leather heal and toe detail and pink and purple fabric stripes! I still have them and LOVE THEM!

This is last years dress, however it was recycled!!! GASP! I wore it to a friend's birthday back in 2007! BUT shhh only you know!
Here's the dress I never did end up wearing properly! HOWEVER I did wear it for Halloween last year so not all was lost!
Ummm maybe not so pretty after-all! HA!

Unfortunately this Christmas season will see me wearing anything that fits me and any shirt suitable for baby sick! So I'm afraid no big dress reveal...BUT NOT TO WORRY...I will make sure I have something spectacular for next year. 

RIGHT! Let's get down to business!

Here's is my Extravagant Golds Make-up tutorial, inspired by Estee Lauder's lovely Party palettes that are coming out. I also used this Estee Lauder Extravagant Gold palette on a recent photo shoot for GHOST

Pure Color ExtravagantFive Color EyeShadow Palette

Estee Lauder Extravagant Golds Shadow Palette
Boots Stay Perfect Foundation
Girls Aloud Nadine False Lashes
Boots Shine Primer
Loreal Touche Magique
Benefit Boi-ing 01
ULTA Deep Brown Eyeliner Pencil
MAC Omega Eyeshadow as Brow shadow
MAC NC20 Pressed powder
MAC Golden Bronzer
Bare Minerals  True Blusher
Rimmel Tiramasu Lipliner
MAC Lip Gelee -Who's That Lady?

For the hair:
Twisty rods, Non-heated. 


HOPE YOU ENJOYED! Keep an eye out for the next party look coming up this week!


  1. I luv the look you did...soooooo pretty!!

  2. The look was amazing, I like her make up, her face are more become beautiful.


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