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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Nigella Lawson Christmas Make-over!

This is a Nigella Lawson Christmas Make-over. Now I say Christmas because when I think of Nigella I think if Christmas, not because she's a little elf that only comes out at Christmastime, but because her food is overindulgent and rich! JUST how Christmas should be!

For those of you who live in England know who Nigella is and  those of you who don't know her, let me just tell you Nigella is a cooking goddess. Nigella's food is a bit naughty and so is she! Luckily for me, my beautiful friend Ruth resembles the kitchen goddess and so does her food! yum yum!

Ruth and I decided it was time we finally did a Nigella make-over on her, seeing as everyone goes on about how Nigella-eque she is.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome!
There are little things that Nigella does that makes her extra naughty...finger licking, extra sugar here, a bit if cake there and at the end of every episode she does a little raid of the fridge in the middle of the night!
Our Inspiration

Here is an actual episode of Nigella for a little peak of what she is like and then I will show you what we created.

Here is what we did:


Boots no.7 Shine Primer
MAC Mineralize Satinfinish foundation

MAC Select Cover-up
e.l.f. High Definition Powder
Korres Gold Eyeshadow
e.l.f. 100 shadow palette -brown
e.l.f. cream eyeliner
e.l.f. shadow palette-brown and black mixed for brows
Screenface Corrective wheel-yellow
Black Mascara
MAC Flirt & Tease Blusher
MAC Dainty Blusher
Ulta Beet Lipliner
Estee Lauder Extravagant Plum Lip Gloss


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