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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Christmas and New Year With My New Family- and what we got up to!!!

Here is our Christmas and 2011 New Year in Pictures

Christmas was spent in our new City of Cambridge


Christmas Day was a lovely quiet one

Buckminster aka Buck Buck begging for a walk

Grandma and Buck 

The fields behind our house

Greyson's Grandma Brenda

I will torment him with this photo when he's older...knitted goods from his Grandma's lovely, kind friend

Saying Bye Bye to Grandma at Heathrow! Sad Times
Cup to Baby Ratio!


My two baby boys

In the after Christmas sales I managed to pick up the Broques I wanted from Office!!! Bottom right hand corner...the cute floral ones! YAY!!!
I picked this up from River Island in the Sales and I know you can still get it online. It was  a perfect fit for my post-pregnancy shape! I love it!

This top along with another sheer type blouse I bought in the sales  from River Island as well. As you can see...I have a little thing for River Island.

River Island purse to go with my River Island handbag below!  So as you can see, if I am not banging on about make-up and hair then I'm constantly talking about clothes, shoes and accessories!

Last but not Dale Boy green suede shoes from Office Shoes!

The day before Greyson's Grandma left I decided to do a little home photo shoot!

Buck Buck

Daddy, Mummy, Greyson & Bronwyn 

The Bassets seeing that the new year is a chilled one.

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  1. Great photos...such a beautiful family! Those floral Broques are to DIE for!!!


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