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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 21 February 2011

GHOST SS11 Photo Shoot

Well well...9 weeks on from bursting the baby bump and I am back to work.

I have the privilege, once again, to be working with GHOST for their Spring/Summer collection for John Lewis.

My day has involved, thus far, alarm going off at an ungodly hour of 4:45am. Luckily I was already awake (or unlucky) due to feeding the wee little man.

I am now currently making my way into London and it's only just passed 6am!
I can't tell you how fast I got ready this morning! It seems a bit of a blur! Luckily I know I packed my kit and everything I need, last night, and so can ignore this horrible feeling I've forgotten something. For some reason my makeup brushes keep popping into my head, sitting drying from being cleaned, left behind...but I know FOR A FACT that they are in my case so my silly brain can calm down.

I know why I'm panicking though, because my brain seems to be half of what it was BG (Before Grey) and so on a daily basis I can pretty much count on forgetting something. ie My phone, nappy bag, wallet, eating, washing . You name it and I've forgotten it!

Anyway, this is all beside the point...the point is 'YAYYY I'M ON MY WAY TO LONDON AND BACK TO DOING WHAT I DO' boop-boop-be-doop.

More from me later....

It's later...8:20am
Aww Embankment...last time I saw you I was rotunda and tired after my last big shoot which from the start of my day to the finish, was an 18hr day.
How I love Embankment in the morning.
After landing in London, what's the first thing I do? Grab myself an Americano from Cafe' Nero. Yeah baby! Not that there isn't a Nero in Cambridge...because there is! BUT Nero is my favourite coffee shop in London and I know just about every one of them in the's like a gravitational pull. Also i've got a nice little heat proof sleeve that slips over it, that my friend KTBH, (Katie Brown Hair...cos we have two Katie's) knitted for me for Christmas and I haven't had the pleasure of best way to christen it is to use it on my first day back of making people beautiful.

I land myself on the steps of GHOST in Paddington...after running into Chirag H Patel the creative director and Lucy Eleanor Brown the photographer, grabbing our grub for the day! Chirag has been pumping some iron since the GHOST A/W10 shoot so I nearly didn't recognise him and his new quif!

Hair began which was promptly followed with make-up by me! It wasn't anything over the top so Zoe, the model whom I've worked with for the last two shoots with GHOST and Hawes & Curtis, was swiftly thrown into her first gown of the day.

Fooood time! Nom nom

Back to work, touch-ups and more dress changes and laughs!
Chirag thought it would be great to photograph me and then photo shop me. I've never looked better!

The day is coming to a close and everyone is getting tired now! We still have quite a few outfits to get through, but Zoe is nailing the outfits, sometimes in just a shot or two so we're rolling through everything very quickly.

I'm now on my tube ride to Embankment. The shoot was still going when I left, with a couple more dresses to do, but Chirag didn't want me to be late getting home and sent me packing. This is what I really like about this team, is that they care about the people they work with. So a big Thank You to Chirag for allowing me run home to my family.
As I won't be home until 21:00pm and if I left any later it would be gone 22:00 for sure!

Well, my day is over and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute...even when Chirag thought it would be fun to shoot me then photo shop me! He made me look like I stepped straight off the short bus! THANKS!

Over and out!
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