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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hawes & Curtis SS11

I've just sat down on my train to London. I didn't have to get up until 6am today, though Greyson had other ideas and had me up at 5:30am.

Today I'm off to the Spring/Summer 2011 shoot for Hawes & Curtis.

It's with my same team as usual. Chirag Patel the creative director, Lucy Eleanor Brown, the photographer, Zoe and Tom the models and another male model who's name I don't know yet.

I'm really hoping Chirag hasn't stacked the snack table with foodies of the chocolate variety. I desperately need to slim down a bit more before our trip to Florida in two weeks. Or else I'll have to make a burka out of sarongs.

My train is taking off now and I still have my Metro to read and the same Elle Magazine I was reading last week. I don't like to rush these things...reading my fashion mags that is. I quite literally will take up a whole month of reading it until the next one comes out. I still have the April Issue of Vogue to read! I've not even unwrapped that one! I like to savour things.

Anyway...babbling now (I'm tired).
After the shoot I'm running off to Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair for a quick 'hello' at the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Launch then I shall shoot off back home to my happy little family in Cambridge.

More from me later!


Walking to the studio and I see Lucy and Chirag walking on the other side of the last time. Chirag shouts to me to tell me that the last GHOST shoot is up in the windows and so after the shoot I'll go check it out.

Make-up starts with Zoe. Zoe's lovely! After working with her 4 times I feel like I know her. She's really sweet and funny.

The boys arrive. Tom, whom I've worked with before and has a brilliant music collection and then Jason who I meet for the first time.

Clearly all the girls enjoy working with Jason and Tom!

Jason, Lucy, Chirag, Zoe and I sit and discuss why milk is bad for you, breast milk is good for you, why Baby Ga Ga should remain open etc etc. From what was said I think Chirag has gone off milk and so has Zoe. Jason and my work are complete! I can go home now.

Lunch! And what did I say? Baddd badd food! I am not wearing a burka to Florida so I ordered a soup...which was swiftly followed by a brownie and a croissant! Pat on the back for self control there, Ashley!

After all of us discussing our interests in just about every big TV series ... Which makes it clear we're all total couch potatoes, we finally get back to work.

We've probably gone through just about every business shirt the world has ever seen. We have also encountered just about the worst music we've ever heard...thanks to Chirag ;) ha!

We're still going but I'll be heading off soonish to go to the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Launch in Park Lane. But not after a few more shots are taken!

Ok, shoot done, Estee Lauder Event done! Me? DONE!

I had a lovely day! Lots of chatty chatting to lovely people! Lots of ME laughing AT Chirag (a favoured past time!)

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