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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ORCHID - Rugby Charity Shoot for GQ

Well...another day of me venturing into London. Luckily, this time it's a late start of 2:30pm! It gives the boys time to recoup I suppose. And in boys I mean Joe Simpson, Dom Waldouck and Guy Armitage, three fine rugby players.
I've actually worked with Dom Waldouck before, though it was a year ago! And of course the brilliant Maddelaine Barlow, whom I've now worked with several times!
The shoot is for the ORCHID, men's cancer charity. It's the second shoot I've done with ruggers and charity...two bonuses in one!

So despite me not having to catch my train to London until 11:15am (which I missed due to roadworks and some silly girl at the machine who's credit card wasn't working-im now on the slowest train EVER!) I have still been up for quite a while!
I've left the little sea urchin (Greyson) with my mother in-law who is staying with I had another shoot tomorrow in London as well (though now it's moved to next week...that's the name of the game I'm afraid). I'm fully prepared to come back home and find my mother in-law hog tied and there being a raging party that my little sea plankton has arranged.
Anyway, moving on...I'm sitting on my train, Deftones playing in my ears, espresso in hand and London Metro just waiting for me to read it. So I shall continue this little one sided chin-wag for later on in the day, when I will have semi naked, muscley men posing in front of me. Life is hard!

I'm still on the slowest stop Finsbury Park and then King's Cross...finally!
I'm sitting here, espresso done, Metro complete and I'm now watching all the women around me writing notes, going through paper work and checking their blackberries furiously for meetings or work emails, looking very stressed... I wonder if I should tell them that my work today will involve me rubbing baby oil on rugby player's bodies?
I like my job.

Maddy, our talented Photographer doing her pre-shoot warm-up

Ok it's 4:50pm! Where's the day gone?!
I've been so busy! Boys, one after another, and all so lovely!
Dom Waldouck is done and gone and same with Guy Armitage! I've worked with Dom before and he was lovely as always and well Guy was super sweet and thoroughly embraced his modelling role even though it's his first time!

Ok, so job done 5:30pm . No baby oil was used -booooo! But we got lots of shirts off piccies which I'm not actually allowed to put up on the blog- big big boooohooo!
BUT I do have other behind the scenes of the boys promoting the shirts which were designed by an LCF student, ------, and made by Raging Bull in promoting male cancer awareness through ORCHID.

Please check out this charity!
This shoot will be plastered everywhere in order to help promote men to be in the know about checking themselves and seeing doctors when things aren't quite right down there! There is such an awareness of female cancers, but men and their bits are still not talked about as much. It's time it's been treated equally and gets as much publicity.
So all of you boys reading this, go check your bits and go see your doctors if you thing somethings up! Don't leave it!
I'll update on all the publications this will be printed through. GQ being one of a few! :)
Over and out!

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