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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ellie Lexie Goes Solo- Behind the Scenes of 'Suspicion' Ellie's Newest Video

About a month ago now I had a little wander down to London to do hair and make-up for one of my close friends, Ellie. You probably recognise the name because I have written about her several times. 

Ellie has now parted ways with her band 'Slashed Seat Affair' and has now ventured into the new territory of her solo career as the one and only Ellie Lexie!

I shall wait to put the song up as I want to wait for the début of the actual video which should be out in about 3 weeks. In the meantime I thought it would be nice for you to see what we got up to and just how beautiful Ellie is!  

Ellie in Make-up at 9am

Ellie getting right into the swing of things!

Ellie wooing the crew and director

Ellie really struggled with this part... ;)

Gathering from where Ellie's hand is placed and the laughter...I reckon we missed a good crotch shot!

Touching up

Caught red handed in the broom closet

Director giving Ellie the breakdown of the next scene

80's smokey effect

Here are some candid shots I got!

A quick sleep before he's on...and to the right, by his head, is a black mass...that's Reggie the Pug

Doing what I do best....sitting on my phone while my child slumps in a quiet slumber

Lena Mae came to assist me!

Auntie Nat holding onto Grey

Sophie and Reg having a snack

Kisses for Lena

Greyson helping Mummy 

The little shrimp having a chuckle with his Codmother

He got fed-up of her and took her out! KO

Best family portrait EVER

Candid shot of Auntie Nat and Lena

Kisses from Mummy


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