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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday Favourites- Makeup Brushes, Concealers and Foundations OH MY!

Welcome back fellow followers.

Today's Friday Favourites is on a few little gems I have come across recently. All items are actually from the US, but I am sure if you're reading this from ye olde England you can find them somewhere online. If not, I plead the Henry VIII (inside joke)... (You had to be there)....(anyway moving on)

My grand purchase (which was reasonably priced and not grand in price at all) was my lovely eye makeup brush set at real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. Samantha Chapman is one of two sisters from Pixiwoo who I think are just brilliant . I have been dying for these for ages and I finally got ahold of them. They are sold at ULTA  but you can also go to the real Techniques website (above) and see where else you can buy them.

This is what is included in the Eye Definition Set
You get 5 full-size brushes and a case (which I don't use)
*base shadow brush
*deluxe crease brush
*accent brush
*pixel point eyeliner brush
*brow brush
The brushes are synthetic and 100% cruelty free 
My stater kit cost me about:

My next fav of the day is my Sonia Kashuk concealer palette. I hadn't actually heard of Sonia before, until I went to Target and saw her magical display of lovely makeup. The concealer palette has two concealers, a neutraliser and a powder. 
 click for more information
I paid $9.99 at Target

My final Friday Fav is my Covergirl  Natureluxe Foundation. I hadn't actually used covergirl foundation but after I saw how flawless my cousin's skin looked with it on, I had to get some for myself. It gives a flawless finish, none-greasy and I don't need a powder to set it. 

NatureLuxe Silk Foundation
I paid at Target AGAIN - for about $9

I highly recommend all of them. They are brilliant and as for the makeup brushes, I can't wait to get the whole set. I'm so pleased to have them in my kit!

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