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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday's Favourites- ColourB4 and Touch of Silver Set

I'm back! Sorry for the three week absence. BUT I am back!

I recently had a hair disaster and needed to fix it and didn't want to dye it again and my friend Ruth, put me onto something called ColourB4 which shrinks the colour molecules so that you can rinse the unwanted dye out of the hair.
RRP £10.99
I wasn't optimistic because I haven't used anything like this before and wasn't sure how it would work. It turns out that it really does work. I do recommend it if you have had a hair disaster. There are different strengths. So if you have gone a dark colour you don't like or have accidentally gone then try the Extra Strength one.

But if there is any word of  advice that I can give you, if there is a permanent colour you want to try, first try it out in a non-permanent colour. This way you know whether or not the colour works. Or even better....go to the salon to dye your hair.

My other Friday Fav is my much loved Touch of Silver by Pro:Voke range. I now have the twice a week shampoo, the daily shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo and the hairspray! My hair is NEVER going to go brassy EVER again!

Each item ranges from £2-3.00 so aren't expensive which makes it easy for everyone to have great hair.

There is a three step system which I am now following.
STEP1: Brighten - Twice a week Brightening Shampoo which has a violet pigment that helps eliminate brassy, yellow tones. The reason this works to eliminate unwanted yellow tones is because purple is a complementary colour of purple. They effectively cancel each other out.  (just a little artistic jargon for you).

STEP 2: Maintain - Daily Maintenance Shampoo
 The shampoo cleanses and protects your hair against dullness. It doesn't have the dark purple pigment as the brighten shampoo, but enough purple to keep the yellows at bay. The shampoo leaves hair shiny and soft and protects against UV rays. 

STEP 3 Nourish- Daily Nourish Conditioner
This conditioner is lovely and creamy. I have quite dry hair naturally and I typically choose a conditioner which is specifically for dry hair, but I have this one a go. I have to say that I have gotten on with it very well. It has the same properties as the maintenance shampoo with Sunflower Seed Extract and UV absorbers. 

This is the routine I have daily or every other day. But in between my washes I am using the Silver Revitalising Dry Shampoo. I have to say this is as good as my coveted Batiste. The only difference I can spot with it is the smell. Other than that it works just the same and just as well. So I recommend giving it a try. 

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