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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 15 July 2011

Keratin Perfect at Home - Brazilian Blowdry


I am really excited about this tutorial. It's something I have been wanting to do for ages, but because of the cost of doing it in the salon and the lack of people to do it on, I have had to put it off.

For those who have fine, limp or just normal hair, this will probably not apply to you.

For those who have course, dry, damaged, colour treated, frizzy or curly, unruly hair this DOES apply to you.

If you tick any of the boxes above then I am almost certain you have heard about the 'Brazilian Blowdry'. If you haven't heard of it, then let me quickly explain what it is.

Instead of spending hours straightening your hair to get a smooth, shiny finish, you get what is called a Brazilian Blowdry. Where Keratin is injected back into the hair follicle. Keratin is naturally in your hair and nails and is not a chemical. There are two different treatments, one of which is the one I have done in this video. This is a treatment where they have taken Keratin and supercharged it so it goes straight to the damaged bits of the hair. Then there is the salon treatment (this doesn't apply to all salons) that contains phamaldehyde (yes, what you preserve dead bodies with).

The injection of the Keratin into the hair is supposed to nourish the hair to eliminate frizz and kinks.

There are 4 steps to the at home process.

1. Wash hair with the pre-treatment shampoo PerfectPrep (you will have to follow the guides depending on hair as you may need to wash it twice if your hair is particularly course or long)

Part the hair in 4 sections.

2. Apply the ThePerfector 30 day treatment serum to the hair. Coating the hair entirely by applying to 2inch sections at a time.  Be sure not to overcoat the hair as you have to leave the treatment in for 2 days and could make your hair feel greasy! ick!

3. After you hair is finished being coated, let it set for 10minutes. Then using a paddle brush, dry your hair straight with an ion hairdryer (you can see the hairdryer I have used by toni&guy in my previous reviews as that is a brilliant one)

4. Once hair is completely dry. Section hair again and taking 2 inch sections once again, use a flat iron and pass over each section FIVE times! Now if you have particularly long or course hair, this could take quite some time.

Apparently this treatment takes only an hour. This was NOT the case for us. If I am honest, it took 3 hours. However, it has it's up sides. Less chemicals are used than some of the salon versions, you have more control over what you are doing and you get TWO applications out of this and 3 the cost is far less than the salon. We bought ours at Sephora for $95. A typical salon one in the US is $200+ and in the UK about £200. Like I said, you also get two treatments from this.

I have spoken to my stepmother since we did the treatment and this is her honest review on it.
Her hair is smoother, NOT straight but she knew that it wasn't going to go straight. Her hair is easier to manage and straighten with a flat iron. It used to take her ages to do it before. However, her does't look as good when she tries to leave it curly. She says it looks like a bad crimp job. BUT if she defuses it and properly applies mousse etc it looks less fro-like and more soft. From what I can tell she is really pleased with it, so I think it was worth it all.

Here are some frequently asked questions which are on the KeratinPerfect website.

Q: What is keratin?

AKeratin is a protein that occurs naturally in skin, hair and nails. Youthful hair contains higher levels of this protein, making it smooth, plump and healthy-looking. We’ve taken natural keratin and supercharged it with our unique ReBonding Technology. This special process bonds keratin to damaged spots in the cuticle, sealing in shine and smoothness and locking out frizz-causing humidity.

Q: What is virgin hair?

AVirgin hair has never been chemically treated, colored, bleached, straightened or relaxed.

Q: Will the KeratinPerfect system make my hair completely straight?

ANo; KeratinPerfect works with your hair’s natural texture to produce a smooth, healthy result. Ultracurly hair will become smoother, while naturally straight hair will appear shinier and healthier. Extremely coarse hair types will not become completely straight, but will see a reduction in frizz and curl. All hair types will be more manageable and easier to style after treatment.

Q: What if my hair is color-treated?

ANo problem! We suggest having color or highlights applied before the KeratinPerfect treatment. Our special keratin blend forms a seal that will lock in your color and make it pop.

Q: Will my results vary if I have highly textured hair?

AHighly textured, coarse hair types should not expect complete straightening of the hair. These hair types will see a reduction in frizz and curl after one treatment; however, a second full treatment may be needed two weeks after the initial treatment to achieve the desired result.

Q: During the 48-hour waiting period, what should I do with my hair when I sleep?

A: Leave your hair down when sleeping. If your hair develops any kinks or impressions, apply PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray, then blow-dry and flat iron as soon as possible.

Q: How long until I see results?

AAs soon as you blow-dry and flat iron your hair during ThePerfector application process, you will notice the difference in your hair’s texture and appearance. It will feel smooth and look renewed, shiny and healthy.

Q: What about styling products?

A: Using our maintenance products will ensure that keratin bonds are replenished and your hair stays smooth and shiny. The PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray and PerfectRescue Intense Keratin Repair Serum contain high percentages of naturally derived keratin to keep your hair frizz-free.

Q: Can I use any shampoo and conditioner after the treatment?

AIt’s very important to use a shampoo and conditioner without sodium chloride. Our PerfectCleanse Keratin Enhanced Shampoo and PerfectSilk Keratin Enhanced Conditioner replenish keratin levels; plus, they are free of sodium chloride and sulfates to maintain your hair’s smoothness and shine. Shampoos and conditioners containing sodium chloride will strip the treatment from your hair and reduce your results. Make sure to avoid any other products containing sodium chloride. Shampoo your hair as infrequently as possible to extend your treatment results.

Q: Can a ceramic flat iron be used during the KeratinPerfect treatment application?

A: Yes, as long as the iron reaches a temperature of 430° – 450°F. We recommend the KeratinPerfect flat irons both during the treatment and for daily styling. They feature advanced digital technology and smooth-gliding titanium plates for superior straightening and smoothing.

Q: Does KeratinPerfect comply with cosmetic company guidelines?

A: KeratinPerfect has conducted rigorous testing to confirm that all of our products meet—and often exceed—the stringent chemical guidelines established internationally for cosmetic companies. Our smoothing treatment does not break the bonds of the hair. Our formulas were created with hair health in mind, so you know your hair is getting the highest quality keratin protein, and a unique blend of ingredients that make it smooth, shiny and manageable.

Q: Where does KeratinPerfect’s keratin come from?

AKeratinPerfect derives its high quality keratin from all-natural sheep’s wool. Sheep’s wool keratin is the highest grade of keratin, and is very similar in structure to human hair.

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