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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 5 August 2011

Estee Lauder Eyeshadows for Autumn 2011-BEAUTIFUL!!


The new Pure Colour Five Eyeshadow palettes and duos are great. I have always liked the pure colour range, however these ones have exceeded expectations. 

The palettes come have a matte finish which has a suede-like finish which is rich in colour, satin is a sheer shadow with lustre, shimmer which is light reflective and gives s sparkle and metallic has round and flattened pearls which gives an intense look and finally frost high shine has illuminating properties! Lots of finishes to play with!

The palettes come in the following sets-
Desert Heat -  creamy taupe, shimmery bronze, a metallic slate with iridescent flecks of pink and a deep brown/red 
Enchanted Berries-  light shimmer pink for highlighting, a warm nude with flecks of sparkle, a delicate pink with shimmery flecks and a plum for defining and don't forget the matte deep plum for lining the eyes. 


Surreal Skies- I have a tutorial that I just completed today with me using this entire 5 piece palette. The colours are dusty roses, nudes and creams which you will be able to see on my youtube channel. 

Below is Film Noir - Which is your cooler colour range with blue toned greys and slates with a deep black with shimmer and a matte black for lining and definition

The palettes also come in Bronze Dunes, Island Sands, Blue Dahlia, Velvet Orchids, which you will be able to see when the range comes out. 
RRP £35.00

There is truly a set for everyone and any look you are trying to achieve. I love these...the extra shadow, which steps away from the typical quad sets, allows you to mess around with different looks and really mix things up. 
There are 40 different shades to choose from with different finishes, some being sheer and some being quite opaque. Meaning you can build, blend and shade, creating brilliant depth with every look.  Also, I big thing for me is the fact that none of the colours are duplicated. You won't be wasting time and money on lots of palettes which contain some of the same colours!

The duos are great as well if you just want a pair which you can use together to quickly throw a look together. You can build colour and contour and shade and still get a multi-dimensional look with these with just two colours. 

The duos available are- Pralines- perfect for that bronzed goddess with a cream with shimmer and shimmering bronze.
Vanilla Pods- warm beige with shimmer and vintage brown with some shine.

Moons- for the moodier, dramatic girl, this duo has a cream highlighter with shine and a deep slate grey...not quite black but not far off either! 
Platinums- a silvery white with a great sparkle and a warm taupe with huge shine! 

Clouds- a highlighting shade which isn't quite white with a tinge of blue and a navy blue with some smashing sparkle. 
Additional colours are- Khakis, Raisins, Shells
RRP £22.50

Single Shadows are:

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