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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hawes & Curtis A/W 2011

7am Oh look what we have's that time of year again when Hawes & Curtis are showcasing their new ranges.
I was up at 5:20am as I not only had to get myself primped and ready but had to get Grey's gear in order so he could have a day of fun at our friend's house...he gets to play with his friend Emilie who was born two days before him. Hope he's a good boy!

Now I do photo shoots for lots of different people and companies but there's something about the HC team which gives me the need to verbally spew all over my blog.

Of course I'm working with Chirag, the Creative Director. He seems to get bigger and more buff and his wardrobe seems to consist more and more of allsaints, accessories and an ever growing, signature quiff every time I see him. Let's just hope he doesn't blast Christina all day as his 'music' choice.

Lucy Eleanor Brown is shooting which is always a pleasure as she's fun and likes having a good chit chat between takes.

Zoe who is one of my favourite models to work with...she's so adorable, Tom and Jason are our male models again...which is I do love having a sort of 'work environment' again where I get to see the same people. Because the downside of this industry is, unless you get repeat jobs with don't always get to work with familiar teams. That can be a plus side or a negative....depends on who you're working with.

But I definitely love my HC team.

We're shooting in Tate Modern. Chirag rang me yesterday to brief me...mainly on the fact that the room has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Thames and that it's like a greenhouse in there, 'so don't wear layers and long sleeves'. Good to know...I don't want to be dripping with sweat...though I did have a new long sleeved top I wanted to wear (from a carboot sale last weekend)... But to compensate I have my new vintage handbag...and instead of wheeling my ridiculously heavy kit everywhere I have compiled and eliminated what wasn't needed and put it all neatly in a carpet bag my step mom let me borrow.

So I'm feeling pretty good! I'm in my old jeans (yay to personal training and killing the fat cells my body was hanging onto for dear life), I've actually done my hair and makeup for once, freshly painted nails, fixed a broken necklace and am wearing it again, and all is good......

.....Though I can't shake the feeling that I've forgotten something. I'm pretty sure I say this every time I'm off to London for work...but I distinctly remember packing everything carefully and I know for a fact that my makeup brushes are securely in the bag....maybe it's because I'm not doing hair today and therefore didn't bring those things? Who knows.

Ok. I'm going to attempt to re-read (for the 4th time) Time Traveller's Wife as I love it so much and never get the chance to read these days and I'm going to ignore the man next to me who smells of greasy chips at this time in the morning.

Oh and I just got a reminder on my phone that I have personal training in half hour! Ha! Not today my friend...not today! Phew!

Over and out.

I'm lost. How did I manage to become lost? Who knows. Tate is one of the biggest tourist spots in London and I can't find it.

I've spoken to Chirag and he's going to wait for me.

Phew! Here finally! Tom (one of the models who looks like Scott Disick from the Kardashians) is waiting for us and Chirag arrives just behind me.

We finally figure out which floor we're on and the view is spectacular! Unless you're in this room, you have never seen this view of the south and north bank of London. It's quite literally breath taking!!

We've been working our bums off. The shoot is going well and the shots look great. I'm really looking forward to seeing them once finished.

We quite literally finished 5minutes ahead if schedule.
I have to say it was a brilliant day. You really couldn't NOT enjoy work with a view like we had.
The models were great, Chirag was on good form and I enjoyed my banter with Zoe.

When you continuously work with the same team it turns into a great work family.

I would also like to say I didn't eat a single croissant, flapjack or cheese sticks! It was fruit all the way!
My personal trainer would be happy to hear that as shoot food is always the worst kind!!

I'm now just on my way home. I've already spoken to my friend who watched Grey for me and he was perfect apparently. Let's just hope she wasn't tied to a tree and being forced by Grey to say that!

I also spoke to the hubby and apparently our credit card was cloned today and £2000 was spent in two different place. This seems to be a reoccuring thing just before we go on holiday...which this weekend we're off to San Sebastian, Spain. Typical!!

Right, I better try and squeeze onto the tube...which is easier said than done as it's rush hour in the London Underground. Argh! more thing...Chirag let us all down by refusing to play his iPod. I was so looking forward to our cheesy music session!
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