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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

GHOST A/W 2011

I nearly forgot my duties of writing this update through the pain of me desperately needing the loo...after too much coffee...but I'm on the train and I have a major phobia of train toilets with their rotating doors and the thought of me hovering over their, less than clean, toilets while someone opens the door for all to see... So I'm sitting here trying to think about other things, but it's not working.
I'd like to say that today has been a relaxed day of me getting up, getting ready and heading out the door, but it's been quite the opposite.
I'll start with yesterday which involved me running into London last minute, baby in tow, to see my lovely friend who had one free day to see me before she heads back to Australia. I also had a Clinique event last night so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. However, in my rushy self, I left my phone in my car. So I had no way of communicating with my friend, no way of navigating around London and no time waster while I sat on the train...I imploded!
So I went to my event, as did my friend Brierlie. We went to dinner and I quite literally dragged myself and baby Grey back to Cambridge. I got home just before midnight and went to bed.
I then woke at 6am, went to bootcamp at 6:45am and 30min personal training session at 7:30, quickly went to the shop, bought Grey's food for the day, hurried home, tried and failed to feed Grey breakfast, showered, got ready, ran to bus, ran to train and now I'm sitting.
I have to say that will all of the weddings, shoots (I had a weight watchers shoot last week), weddings again, special occasions and well, just daily life, I'm looking forward to my trip to the US again on 21st September!
My shoot starts at the GHOST headquarters at 1pm where I will do makeup. Then we are swiftly taken to the location of the shoot where we will be til about 11:30pm.
The idea behind the shoot is brilliant and beautiful and different from what we've done before. Created by none other than the brilliant and beautiful Chirag H Patel, the talented Creative Director of the shoot. He never lets us down and always produces top notch styling, backdrops, locations and shoot ideas. He s
So it's 11:30am and I'm nearly to London and thus our day shall begin...
Well the shoot went beautifully! Wakanna the hairstylist was a gem to work with as was Sebastian the photographer... Btw I'm writing this nearly a week later as I didn't have time to write it before!
Because of the theme and colours I used a mix of my new Estee Lauder 5 colour palettes for autumn winter and they were gorgeous! I also used my new Clinique mascara primer and drama lash mascara! Beautiful!
Above are my behind the scenes!
You'll be able to see the images on and also on John Lewis own website and various other ads! Woot!
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