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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 28 October 2011

This is why I love my artistic friends. Untitled Trailer

I have been lucky to have met tons of artistic people in my life so far. They never cease to amaze me! I thrive off of art and when a friend pops up and shows me something new they have created I get very excited and inspired. 

I have watched the trailer several times and I get more and more excited when I watch it. 'The project is a dark, independent film investigating one couple's twisted relationship. Using dark humour as a counterweight, the film presents the relationship as a combination of happy and haunting memories that inform and add depth to the characters' existence. Sometimes being crazy in love just leaves you crazy'

Ha! Don't we all know it. 

The title was 'Your Mine, Forever' - Grammatical error intended, before you all hang me for it! But I think they have now changed the title or are thinking of doing so. I think this was my only hang up on what is a brilliant piece of work. So I am pleased they are re-thinking it. 

The film is due to be released in 2012. 

Directed by: W.Y. Johnson and Justin Christenson
Written by: W.Y. Johnson
Screenplay by: W.Y. Johnson and Justin Christenson
Produced by: Justin Christenson, W.Y. Johnson and Genevieve Montgomery
Music by: Remote Commander and Heather Mae 

Oh and one more thing... I am in the credits. I didn't know why because I have had no involvement in this amazing project, but when I asked why...I was told my old art work is in the background shots. So in the opening scene you can see my old watercolours from when I was MUCH younger. 

I hope you enjoy this and I hope you pass it on...and while you are at it, please join their Facebook page. Our artists need YOUR support!

Your Mine, Forever

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