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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brilliant Christmas Ideas II- Beauty and Makeup Gifts on a Budget

OK, So the other day I was reading ElleUK magazine. As much as I love a good Elle and Vogue, I got a little annoyed when I saw the "Gift Idea' article. I literally read it out to my husband while he was driving...enraged because every item was somewhere between £300-£1000+. I'm sorry but when did people start spending that much on a single Christmas gift for their loved ones...other than the extremely rich or extremely in debt??!!

I am all for a one off token gift which maybe cost a bit more than you would normally spend. Everyone loves a diamond once in a while or a great handbag...but NEVER would I EVER EVER expect anyone of my family members to drop £550 on a pair of shoes for me for Christmas. It's ridiculous and I think a bit presumptuous and rude to think everyone who reads Elle or Vogue has the income to support a spending habit like that. (ok rant over)

Here are my great beauty and makeup finds...which are fantastic, top quality and won't break the bank!

Let's start with my all time favourite LUSH.I actually worked for LUSH when I first moved to the UK and have had a great love for them ever since. Their products are fantastic, natural (yes it's smells strong when you start working there, no it doesn't give you a headache and yes you get used to the smell). They have great values, their bubble baths still sit in my bathroom. I still use their hair creams, face creams, face cleansers including Coalface and Ultrabland, daily. But was I really love about LUSH is they really know how to put together a great gift box for all occasions. My favourite occasion being CHRISTMAS!

Here is one box, which is gorgeous, yummy and screams Christmas.

The Best Wishes Gift Contains 1of each:
Superstar Bubble Bath
So White Bath Bomb
Satsumo Santa
In the UK this little box costs a mere:

My next gift of choice which could be part of a little set of gifts (girls love lots of little gifts...nothing better than opening a few tiny parcels of love :)  or this could be a great stocking stuffer. I do love a good rummage in a stocking (pun not intended) on Christmas Day. 

This palette was created through a collaboration of Sleek Makeup and the fashion house PPQ.  For those edgy girls! This is a LIMITED Edition palette so get your hands on it now!
RRP £6.49

OK, so back to the bath stuff again...I only just discovered this AMAZING shop when I was last in Arizona a couple of weeks ago. I was given a gift from this place...the gift was a clear plastic bag which housed 3 clear containers...two large bottles one for a lotion and one for a scrub and this a medium sized pot/jar type thing. I had no clue what I was supposed to do with these or why I was given clear pots...I thought maybe because I travelled so much they thought I was in need. THEN my step mom and I made our way to the shop these came from...

This place takes natural, handmade cosmetics to a whole new level. 
I got to go into the shop, the very kind assistant guided my step mom and I over to a counter of several dozen essential oils, fragrance oils, even designer (made to smell like) oils! 

We were given a sheet of paper, a pen and were told to pick and choose the smells we liked to create our OWN UNIQUE smell for each item we were given. 
We could choose one oil or lots of different oils. 
I was in heaven. 

I quickly dabbed this and that oil on the sheet of paper and wafted them under my nose, creating a magical scent all of my own. I did this for the big bottle of lotion of the for the face was warm and sweet with a hint of vanilla and a hint of citrus to cut through it and the face scrub was fresh with grapefruit and a few other 'clean' smells (as you can use the scrub on your face). 
The small pot I chose one fragrance and it was a replica of my favourite DIOR Addict. YUM!
I gave the card to the assistant, she asked me what colours I wanted my mixtures to be...I chose a cream colour for my lotion and blue for my little pot (as my Dior Addict is blue). 
My pots were made up and what I used to create the smells were printed on the bottom (so you can remember for the next time) doesn't stop can create your own perfumes...or if you want to get one of your favourite fragrances recreated, you can at a fraction of the designer price. 

You can build your own scents online...this is what it looks like:
All of their products are cruelty free and SLS and paraben free. It really cannot get much better than this!
This is a great 'hands on' gift and I would love to open a franchise of this shop in the UK because, though we have a LUSH already, this is completely different. Just a fantastic concept. 

My last, but certainly not least, is the fantastic e.l.f. The Beauty Encyclopedia
e.l.f. is again, one of my favourite brands as they represent a makeup range that is affordable, stylish and, of course my favourite, cruelty free!

If you have a loved one who is looking to pep up their makeup regime or would just like an easy to use, easy to follow guide on how to do your lips, eyes are face. 
Here is an example:

Each palette comes with a variety of colours and makeup depending on the book you go with.
Everyday Eye, Sparkle Eye and Basic Eye
12 Pressed powder eyeshadows
2 cream eyeshadows
1 eyeliner
1 eyeshadow brush

Lip Edition 
12 lip colours
2 lip glosses
1 lip pencil
1 lip brush

Face Edition
4 shimmer creams
4 concealers
1 bronzer
1 blush
1 face brush

You won't believe the price of just one book!
RRP £6.00


Luckily e.l.f. is international and not solely sold in the UK so go check out it's international sites and grab yourself a bargain!


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