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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Brilliant Christmas Ideas! (It's never too early!)

I CANNOT believe that it is nearly Christmas already. November seems to be flying by! Which also means that it is nearly a year since my little man first sprang into the world! Argh Slooow down TIME! So over the next week or so I am going to give you a little run down on some things I think will be a great buy for those you love. 

Now that I have to be more organised than ever with a little man running around my feet, makeup jobs coming out the wazoo, an impending house move and everything else life is throwing at me at the moment, I really wanted to start thinking about Christmas NOW!

Now this will be a little more for the ladies, but there are some bits where the boys can get involved of course!

First things first....I want to start with gifts that make your heart melt and last a lifetime. A good friend of mine is a brilliant photographer and has a fantastic offer on at the moment for christmas. 
Francesca db Photography is brilliant! I worked with Francesca when I had Greyson's photos done (see below) and have since been good friends with her. Her talent is endless. 
Unfortunately this is only for UK and mainly Cambridge based residents.

If you are USA based and in particular, Northern California, then you should check out my cousin...well 3rd cousin actually, but seeing as we're the same age we will just stick to cousin! ;)
Breanna Watkins is ANOTHER talented, beautiful photographer. I keep watching her work pop up and so wish she lived in the UK so that we could work together. 
You can see she has a little offer going on as well, which only leaves a few days before it, but I am sure if you speak to her you can arrange your own mini-shoot.

Now Christmas is nothing without a bit of food involved. For those lovely people located in Australia, particularly Hobart, Tasmania should really look into having this ridiculously talented chic create them a cake to die for. I have watched this girls skills go from strength to strength. I actually do feel there is no end to what she can do and achieve. 
Just see for yourself on Queen of Tarts 
Just to give you a little 'taster' of what she can create...check these bad boys out!
You saw it right, this is indeed a Hippo in a Hot Tub cake! These cakes are made to order...whatever you like...she will try and create!
Pirate Cake
And for those who just want the food, with little fuss, how about this lovely christmas sampler box! Yum!

RIGHT! So we got the family stuff out of the way! Let's look at the things WE want! I'm sorry, but what's better than a bit of jewellery, pampering, handbags, coats and of course last but not least MAKEUP!  So come back to read about all things girly in a few days time!

p.s. Leading up to Christmas I will be doing another series of party looks! So start requesting now!

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