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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 21 November 2011

Remington Epilator Review

I received this Remington Epilator and have been a little frightened to use it. I have never used epilators before, I have only waxed once, and the only amount of hair pulling I do is an occasional eyebrow tweeze. So to say I was a 'hair extraction' virgin would be quite fitting. 

It comes with several attachments:
1. The Epilator itself which has the 42 tweezers,18 massaging fingers and the head is curved so it can conform to the shape of your legs.  It also has 2 speeds.

2. Shaving head attachment to cut down long hairs on legs, bikini line and armpits.

3. Detail Epilator attachment which is smaller than the regular one and can go into little places like (ouch) bikini line

4. Oiling and cleaning tools

5. Exfoliation Glove

6. Wall Charger attachment

7. Beauty travel bag for the kit

* The heads are washable which is great. 

When I was in the US recently, I tried the epilator out on my dad and it didn't bother him at all. I tried it on my step-mom on her arm and it was a little more painful. I wanted to do an actual video tutorial on how to use it, on my brother. Unfortunately my brother got a hold of the epilator before I ever got a chance to try it on him and the pain was too great that he declined my invitation to be filmed or even epilated in general. 

Because of all of this feedback I was even more nervous. It was one of those things I was building up...I knew that, but still didn't stop me worrying about it. 

I have several friends who have been epilating for years, who swear by it and were dying to get me to do this review so they could get themselves a new hair torture device for themselves. 

WELL, I can finally tell you that I have now tried and tested the machine on myself and this is my feedback:

First impression- Frightened (I hadn't even turned it on yet)

(Little bonus is this is a cordless epilator and it charges quickly and holds the charge quite well)

I then applied it to my leg hair and the pain shot through. I quickly went onto Facebook and asked my friends why it was hurting. Replies were varied, but one of them said that my hair cannot be any longer than stubble. (I did read the directions that said no more than 2-5mm but seeing as I don't know how long 0.5-5mm is, I figured my overgrown leg hair was a suitable length)

I then decided that it was probably best I took the shaver attachment to my leg hair first to shorten the hairs.

Once I shortened the hairs, I made my way around my leg. It took a bit of getting used the angle at which best pulls out the hairs and also my leg hairs tend to grow in a lot of different directions so you have to move the epilator around in circular motions at times to pick up the hairs. This is fine as it's my leg hair that is the problem, not the machine. 

Once I got going there was no pain at all...or at least a bit of satisfying pain, like when you pluck your brows. You can quickly move on from squirming and sweating (I was definitely sweating at first) to being totally comfortable. 

I think it is best if this is used first thing out of the shower, after you have exploited. Your skin is supple and soft which makes YANKING the hairs out much easier and painless. I did it after the shower...but my skin had already dried and wasn't damp anymore and it still wasn't THAT bad. 

The only fault I found, and again not even laser treatment can help this, but I am fair and thus a lot of my leg hair is fair. So the finer, blonder hairs weren't so easily picked up, but the rest were and despite a few blonde prickles, this epilator gets an 8 out of 10 from me. 

I will do a tutorial on youtube on how to best use this. For those who are seasoned epilator-ites, this is a really good piece of equipment. For someone who hasn't used it before, it really did what it said on the tin and for those with dark hair, this will work even better. 

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