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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

NEW Estee Lauder creams and potions!

I meant to do this update over a week ago, but over a week ago I flew to the US for a visit and so I haven't had a chance to update on my new favourites! BUT what this has allowed me to do is test out some of these products to the MAX!

Yesterday I got back from skiing in Lake Tahoe for a few days. On my trip, I wore the following things...

After following my normal cleansing routine I would put on my:
Estee Lauder 
Sheer Tint Release
Advanced Multi-protection
Anti-Oxident Moisturiser

RRP £37.00
This sheer (universal tint) cream has an SPF15 and acts as a tinted moisturiser, evening out your skin while supplying your skin with Estee Lauder's unique Anti-Oxident complex. This complex is supposed to help protect the skin against free radicals, keeping your skin healthier and looking younger longer. 

After I applied that I moved on to:

Estee Lauder 
- Matte Perfecting Primer
Normal Combination to Oily Skin
RRP £19.00

I wanted to ensure my skin stayed nice throughout my skiing...and before you laugh at me for wearing makeup on the slopes...I'll have you find that everyone else does as well! Just because you have goofy goggles on, doesn't mean you can skimp on the makeup! 

The primer gave me a good, smooth base! Now I actually have quite dry skin, so really should have been using the Illuminating Perfecting Primer, however I only had the Matte Perfecting Primer which is geared towards normal to oily skin. 
The Matte Primer creates just that, a matte finish. It has a 'gel-cream' formula which works great for excess oil and helps calm and keep the skin oil free, minimises your pores as well as lines. If you have oily skin, this would be a great product for you to help you from having your makeup slide off half way through the day. 
The formula contains green-tea and Vit-E to help normalise the skin. 

Now I can't vouch for the Illuminating Primer as I haven't tried it but I can give you a little run down on the benefits it is supposed to have and how it helps with dry skin. 

Illuminating Perfecting Primer
Normal Combination to Dry Skin

The illuminating properties in this primer are supposed to awaken dull skin by giving the skin a dewy finish. This is something that dry or mature skin tend to lack. 
Do you have a younger sister or cousin who has perfect, dewy, fresh looking skin? Well this is supposed to help achieve that!. Now obviously there is only so much a primer can do. It can't turn back time but it can give the illusion that you look better than you really DO!

The 'hydro-gel' texture will brighten and illuminate while it conditions the skin so you get that youthful, smooth finish. Similar to the matte primer, it will minimise pores and lines to give the skin a smooth canvas. 
The added Vit-E, Rice Bran Extract and Shea Butter help combat the combination skin to calm it down as well as moisturise and sooth! 

I also want to try the Spotlight Instant Radiance which you can use over your makeup to refresh your look or you can also add it into your foundation and concealer. I would be interested in trying it with my concealer and making it into my own Touche Eclat ...but better (I have this big thing about buying Touche Eclat...I refuse to!)

After I let my primer set I then applied my NEW FAVOURITE foundation. This foundation is absolutely gorgeous! I am very particular about my foundations and this foundation has really made me happy!

Estee Lauder
Invisible Fluid Makeup
RRP £27.00
This foundation is completely lightweight, streak-free and smooth! The colour is brilliant and works with your natural skin's undertones...which it seems a lot of foundations are now FINALLY going this route. It's  not rocket science that we all don't have the same skin colour and that it would be virtually impossible to find a foundation which is an exact match for everyone. I know that I am always mixing foundations to get the correct colour for me. But this one that I am using looks the right shade and then gets even better by adapting to my natural skin-tone once on. 

It comes in a plastic bottle which you shake the bottle with a little ball in it which whips air into this lightweight, liquid foundation and once it is suitable whipped you are then ready to apply it. 

I put this foundation on and my stepmom was amazing at how natural my skin looked. It literally looked as though I had perfect skin with no foundation on. 

What is even nicer is I was able to build coverage without it looking like I had caked loads of foundation on. 
I think I have managed to inadvertently sell this to everyone I saw over the weekend because it looked so nice!

I wore this foundation while skiing for 4 hours at a time and then went out to eat after and it still looked good! I will show you pictures below. 

I also have the Estee Lauder 
DayWear Anti-Oxidant BB Creme SPF 35 

I will do a review on this later in the week. The colour I have is in a shade too dark for me but I am going to test this out on my stepmom as it's right up her alley and skin tone. So I will update later in the week. 

These photos are after applying my primer and foundation at 8am and these were taken after skiing and fun in the snow at 5pm. My skin looks PERFECT!

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