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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My US travels!

Well everyone, I can't believe that it's already been nearly a month since I flew out to the states. Still feels like yesterday that I was at Heathrow (receiving really lovely service from everyone) and making our way to Arizona.

The last two weeks Grey and I have been in Colorado which is where the other half of my immediate family live which includes my mother, stepdad and sister. It is also where I have a good majority of my friends from when I was a young teen. So a lot of these people I have known for 15+ years.

I always find it difficult coming to Colorado. Though I lived here longer than anywhere else, other than England which is NOW the place I have lived the longest, I don't really call Colorado home. It doesn't feel like home, though this is where I know a lot of people that I care about.

In saying that, I am always busy trying to meet up with all of my old friends when I visit here and this time I was lucky enough to see two friends I hadn't bumped into in over 8 years. I still can't believe it's been that long, even though I have been back and forth to Colorado several times. But regardless, I was able to see them and it was lovely!

Though my trip isn't over and I am visiting some more lovely people today and doing some fun things with Grey, hopefully skiing tomorrow etc...I will put up the photos I have thus far and update it later with the rest.

A few of these photos are from the end of my Arizona trip as well.

I hope you enjoy. I know I did.

My older cousin Courtney

Grey rocking out. 


Daddy doing Biiinessss (Hilarious, inside 'had to be there' joke)

My Beautiful cousin and her flawless skin before I did her tutorial. HATE HER
My cousin let me do a  makeup tutorial on her. 

Greyson learning to give good kisses to my cousin

Memaw and Grey having sad, last day cuddles!

Ginger Snap

Tikki, the teeniest, tiniest teacup chihuahua in the world! FACT (ok maybe not fact)

I was fairly sure he was going to be a makeup artist, but he's definitely got the DJ pose down.

My brother and Greyson having some relaxing time. 

Saying 'goodbye' to his Auntie Goosey

FINALLY we arrive to Colorado! Look how 'happy' Grey is. 

My sister is a bit first night in Colorado and I was greeted with this face. Apparently she is a goat...I don't see it...what you also don't see in this photo is her tongue that was jutting in and out to REALLY give the impression of her non-goat.

I finally met up with an old friend, Shantell, whom I hadn't seen in over 8 years.  Someone who is actually shorter than me! Believe it or not :D

Wylie and Grey discussing the importance of tipping the waitress well. Wylie is another friend I've known for a long time but haven't seen in over 8 years. It was lovely meeting his new (but not new...just new to me) wife and catching up. 

My sister Tatiana and I. 

T is pretty ugly, so I like to put myself up next to her to make myself feel better....OR so I say ;)

I love this photo because it pretty much sums up what happens when I am around my family...giggles non-stop

Grey rocking out in Washington Park in Denver. 

A lovely day in one of my favourite parks in Denver. 

Myself, Sister and Greyson

The winners of the longest game of Pictionary...which went out with a bang! Especially when I had to draw a flacid p*nis and clouds to depict acid rain. Highlight of the evening!

THEN we went to the Denver Zoo! Grey's second time...which meant he fell asleep within 10 minutes. But that didn't stop the adults from having fun. 

My step dad kept going up to empty sanctuaries and pointing and gawking at them until people would come over to see what he was looking at...then he would walk away leaving the people looking at empty cages. 

Gorgeous creature! He is 37 years wold and so lovely to sit and watch!

Enjoying the zoo

My beautiful mother

Something was obviously capturing my mother's attention!

Don't give my stepdad the camera or you'll get a nasty shock

Then Grey had a chance to play with and meet some old friends of mine!

The beautiful Roisin and Grey having a bit of fun!

Laura and Ro!

One of my oldest friends in Colorado. Ryan, standing next to me, I have known since I was 14, so nearly 16 years now. What I love about him is that we always pick up just where we left off and it gets a little bit better each time. This visit I got to meet his lovely partner Tom. Such a lovely visit.

I'm off skiing now! More photos to come!
OK, so we went skiing yesterday, Tuesday...and here are some of the great photos from the day. My sister really cracks me up!

This is what Americans call 'tailgating'. It's not something i've done in a very long time, so I had to ease myself into it and turn down the Benny Benassi (cringe) bumping from the car...luckily a couple of years ago I had burned a Daft Punk 'Alive' album for them, so we had some of their live music eventually.

We decided to take a little break on the side of the mountain and have a snack and chill. 

Mountain Man!


T's helmet came with a yarmulke

My sister and stepdad

My sister's hand placement clearly indicates she is about to do something naughty. 

It was such a beautiful day. We didn't wear our ski jackets and if it hadn't been for the fear of snow burn (incase I fell...which I didn't) I wouldn't have even wore the hoody.

You can see that the mountains didn't receive a lot of snow this year. Though Keystone, where we ski'd was perfect. 

This is the terrain park at Keystone. This image doesn't do it justice.These slopes were 50+ feet high and the things the snowboarders and skiers were doing off them made me stomach turn just watching. I had never seen anything like it. 

All done for the day. Though I complained all the way up the mountain (I was very tired and my stepdad likes to wind me up with his bad driving skills) I am so pleased I went and it was a brilliant way to finish off a magical trip.

I hadn't seen Grey all day after skiing, so I was having a little cuddle.

A few last photos. My second to last day I went to Washington Park on my own to have one last play in the beautiful park. It was such a beautiful day, not wintery at all, but more like a British summer minus the rain. 
Here are some Greyson photos I took, that I had to put up. 

Oh and a photo of my sister and mother rocking it in my stepdad's ridiculously American Jeep! HAAA!

I am leaving today. My flight is in a few hours and we are all feeling a bit sad. My sister just came home quickly from lunch to give me a cuddle and call me 'Jane' several times  (another hilarious inside joke). We like to call each other Jane (based off a radio personality here who is incredibly annoying and mundane) and we tell people that our parents couldn't think of names for us so they just called us both Jane...however mine is spelt 'Jaanne'. I guess you had to be there.... 

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