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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 19 March 2012

Previous Glossybox Samples Update

Hi Everyone! I am finally back from the states after being gone a total of 4 weeks 2 days! We're suffering from major jetlag but that didn't stop me from arranging a job nearly half a day after getting back and me going to bootcamp this morning! There's no rest for the wicked...indeed.

So I just wanted to do a little update quickly on my Glossybox from January (which I actually said was February's and it wasn't). In that box I received a lot of nice things but there were a few concerns or disappointments after trying things out.

Firstly, the EYECO Skinny Eyeliner I got, in theory, sounded nice. But NO JOKE, this 'long lasting' eyeliner didn't even make it out the door before it smudged down my eyes. Now my eyes have a tendency to do that but not until I have been running around and weeping (kidding) for a few hours. I literally put it on and within the hour it had run down my face. Hideous! Don't buy it!
This eyeliner is a 'Thumbs Down' from me. 

Now if you are a follower of mine then you know that I love, love Clarins! Unfortunately these two creams I received didn't suit me. I think mainly because they were firming creams and though I think I am ancient and need them...I don't think my skin is ready for them.

This doesn't mean that the creams themselves had anything wrong with them but they just didn't work for my skin type.

I found that they were a little bit harsh for my skin. As I was travelling to and from very dry climates for four weeks, my skin became very dry and these moisturisers weren't cutting it for me and felt a bit stingy. I ended up switching to my Origins creams and using Clarins' Hydrating Oils to combat my sad skin and that worked a treat.

So, like I said, these may not have worked for me, but worth getting a sample from Clarins if you have mature skin and give them a go yourself. I think it may suit an oily to normal skin type but most definitely not dry. I may have to change what Glossybox sends regarding creams as I may have the wrong information down regarding my skin type.

The Extra Firming Creams best suited to Mature, possibly oilier skin types.

Next was the Murad Primer. I was pretty non-plussed about this product. I don't feel it did anything for me and I don't feel it really help hold on my makeup, so I basically stopped using it after a day. I much prefer my Makeup Forever Primers and Estee Lauder's Primers. I also hear the Laura Mercier has a fab one too!
Not for me. 

The product I did love was the FABBody Moisturiser! It was so good, great for the baby too. No Nasties in it. It didn't have a fragrance so it didn't mask my perfumes! LOVED IT! I wish I had taken it to the states where my skin was so dry it literally turned to dust. It would have definitely benefited from it!!!!!

I will do an update next on the February box which I have finally be able to have a little mooch through, now that I am back from the states! YAY!

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