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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

February and March Glossy Box Goodies and Reviews

I only just got back from the states over a week ago and so I missed out on two Glossy Boxes which arrived while I was away.

The two boxes were February's and March's Harrod's Box. I was mistaken and called the Valentine's Day box, February, but it wasn't actually Feb's box. Go figure. So these two boxes are the correct ones.

There will be a lot of rambling as there are a lot of products to go through, but since I have been back, I have been able to try everything out so I can do the review now as well!

Let's start with the February box.

February Box

Paul Mitchell - Super Skinny Smoothing Balm

I really liked this but think it may be best on thicker hair. For example my stepmom who has really thick hair that needs smoothing. Which I am totally going to suggest it to her. 

Full size 200ml
RRP £15.25 
(Which is about average for a Paul Mitchell hair product. I have been using his hair products for years)

(click the link above to see their full range)
Ok, I have been using this for a week and no joke, I love it so much that I will wash twice in one shower session because it's so amazing. It doesn't dry out my skin, it's incredibly invigorating (as it states). It smells absolutely beautiful and just what you need on a morning when you're feeling a little less than perky.

My only complaint is the price. It hurts me to even tell you how much a large bottle of this would cost but, in saying that, I would probably spend it anyway as it would last you for quite a while!

Full size 300ml
RRP £20.00 

 Pure Mineral Eyeshadow

BM Beauty provides vegetarian and vegan makeup which is obviously cruelty-free. I haven't used this brand before as there are so many mineral brands out there and with my huge range of bareMinerals I own, I never buy any others. I haven't used this eyeshadow yet as I was given a black one and well it just isn't the season for me to be using black. But I will be trying it out this weekend on a shoot and I will report back on the quality of it.

Full size 2g
RRP £ 7.00

Lavendar Hand Sanitiser

Not only do I love this hand sanitiser but so does Greyson. We've been using this for a couple of weeks now and it smells beautifully of lavender and not chemically at all. It is gentle enough for my little bub's hands and mine of course.
It's reasonably priced, travels in your handbag or nappy bag without issues and you can take it on a flight as it is under 100ml! Bonus!

Full size 59ml
RRP £3.99

Venom Gloss

I have a friend who has been using Duwop glosses for a very long time and lives by them.  In my day to day life I don't wear a lot of gloss, but this one that was sent to me is nice as it is a nude colour (hard to tell by the photo) and it does what it says on the tube. You can feel the plumping and tingling on your lips after you put it on, by bringing the blood to your lips.

I don't typically like gimmicky products so I probably wouldn't buy this myself, but for others I think if this is something you are looking for then it is worth it. (if you don't mind the price tag)

Full size 10.4ml
RRP £16

This is the March Glossybox which was a Special Edition Harrods box! Very exciting...or so I thought...

The Hollywood Collection: 5 Piece Cream Gift Set
(all items are found at )

I tried the first packet which is on the left side. This was Morning Beauty Rescue.  I tried this for a few days and stopped there. It is in a gel form and was lovely going on...however I kept breaking out. At first I didn't associate it with the Beauty Rescue but then realised what it was.
The initial problem was the breakouts. It clogged my pores and made my skin feel greasy. Secondly, I went out in the sun with it on my face was sparkling (I looked like I was from Twilight, no joke, my face looked like it was covered in glitter!!) Apparently it is supposed to increase collagen production...hmm it really just produced spots on me. I refused to try any of the others as I couldn't bare a week of bad skin.

Apparently Marilyn Monroe used this stuff. I reckon it has different ingredients back in the day. Other users were Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.

It's a shame I didn't love it. Maybe in a week's time I will try the other creams it provided but I am a bit nervous about it.

A full pot of just the Morning Beauty Rescue RRP £95.00

Extra Firming Body Cream

I used this a few times, I am not sure how firming it is, but it is lovely nonetheless . It didn't dry my skin out like most firming creams do and it made my legs, thighs and arms silky smooth and soft. The cream is rich and sumptuous. The plant extracts are supposed to lift and tone the skin.

I had a friend who used to use this and loved it. I think if my sample was a bit bigger I could get a good feel for how well it works, but don't reckon you will see much difference after only using it a few times...But it could be worth a try seeing as bikini weather is coming soon!

It's not cheap but I love Clarins and always feel they are worth the prices.

Full size 200ml pot
RRP £40

Damage Reverse-Instant Restorative Hair Serum

I have been using Ojon products for about 2 months since I met with one of their PR reps recently and have been waiting to write up a review on their products. This little bad boy is something I am loving and have been using him since I first received him, so I was pleased to see he was placed in my Glossybox as well.

You warm one to two drops in your hands and apply to damp or dry hair, especially on the ends. It helps restore hair but also protect from heat damage.

I don't feel it makes my hair greasy at all, but I also have quite porous hair. I use probably 5 drops or more as my hair is a bit long as well. I wouldn't use this if you have quite fine hair as it could be too much, or just use a single drop.

I am also using their other shampoo and conditioner , dry recovery products which you can see by clicking on the link above. I find those are good, but probably better suited to hair that is a little dry and less damaged like mine. I want to try their Reverse Damage range as I think they will work better for me.

All in all I love this product and think it's totally worth it. It doesn't have an overpowering smell which is nice as well!

Full sizes 25ml -50ml
RRP £16 - £22

Eau de Toilette

I am a sucker for a perfume. I love them! If you saw my bathroom you would be able to see a plethora of perfume bottles cluttering my counter and shelves!

This fragrance would make a lovely staple to your summer wardrobe. It's florally and fresh with hints of green tea and even lemon...with a hint of leather (so they say)
Of course fragrances are very personal so I recommend going and trying it out in shop and see if you like it. But if you are a girl who likes floral, fresh scents then you may like this. 

Miniature Lip Cover Rosewood No4

OK, don't hate me, but I find it a little annoying when fashion houses do makeup ranges. Don't ask me why, because I know it is usually said fashion houses who dictate the latest trends for makeup. GO figure. It's just one of my things. So I find it annoying when a brand starts a makeup range as I sort of see it as a way for them to make more money and not a genuine interest (rant over). However, in reading up on why Burberry started doing makeup it seemed pretty legitimate. The reasoning was purely because on photo shoots and spreads, they were unable to create the correct look they wanted with the makeup being brought by the makeup artists. Burberry has a very specific look which transcends through most of their ranges, A/W and S/S so they needed to get it right.

I tried this colour on myself and also on my friend Ruth who is paler than I but darker haired (black to be exact) and the colour looks lovely on both of use. It seemed to transform into a different colour on the both of us. I think Burberry have done well on this.

It is smooth and silky with a glossy finish.
Full size
RRP £22.50

PHEW! Done! Wow, that's what I get for going away. That was a lot to go through but a lot of nice things for people to try out. Though I am loving the Glossybox and all of the samples I am going to try out some other boxes which do a similar thing and see what they have to offer. It's nice to be able to try so many things for such little expense...I'm loving it!

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