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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Day of Urban Decay!

So, I am one of those girls that doesn't follow trends and likes to take my time before jumping onto the bandwagon...purely because i'm an eternal sceptic and only take the plunge once I am well and truly convinced. 

This is exactly what happened with Urban Decay's NAKED palettes. Now I only have the NAKED palette and not NAKED 2, but I will eventually be able to review this one for you as well. 

The NAKED palette has been around quite a while but the reason I was put off by it is I felt it was just a neutral palette for what seemed like a lot of money to me. But while I was in the US, my stepmom bought the NAKED2 palette and it was amazing. I had seen a lot of reviews on that one as well and had a lot people asking me about it, but I wasn't able to give an honest opinion on it, other than what everyone else was saying. 

So I thought it was time I tried it. With so many review requests, I couldn't hold off any longer. 

I received my palette a week ago and have used it a couple of times and so far I really like it, especially with the Eyeshadow Primer Potion . I don't usually buy into primers for eyeshadows either because I always think that using a good concealer or even a cream shadow with a water resistant base works well enough. BUT the primer is amazing! 

I instantly pulled the palette from it's case and opened the velvety palette which revealed a veritable calvacade  of shimmering shadows!
The range in shadows is great as well. Not all are overly shimmering, some are a little more matte than others with a slight sparkle while others are quite iridescent. 

My only gripe about the product is that it wouldn't suit mature or dry skin. This is purely because of the shimmering texture would get caught up in fine lines and/or dry patches and emphasise it. You'd have to really slather on some moisturiser, primer etc to ensure a smooth base. But this isn't a problem as a lot of Urban Decays other products are fantastic for all skin types.

I went to apply the shadows on my arm to give you a little look and at first I tried it without the primer and you couldn't see the shadows at all...but once I applied the primer and then reapplied the shadows they were beautiful. So this is something to remember. If you don't wear anything on your eyes and want to use this shadow, you will need some sort of base, like a concealer or the Primer Potion. But that's sort of common sense! 

The colours Virgin and Sin...the first two, are a bit hard to see, but these are more highlighting colours so once you have one of the others on and use them with it i.e. Naked used with would be able to see it well. 

So I am sold on these and would definitely recommend them to my clients.

I also received the De Slick Spray which you can see the box in the image above. This spray is for oilier skin types who have a difficult time getting their makeup to stay in place. 

Even if you use a foundation and concealer which are for oily skin types you still cannot guarantee your makeup will stay in place. 
Now I have dryer skin so this doesn't necessarily work for me, but I am going to test this out on some of my brides with oily skin and see how it fairs. If it works, which I hope it does, it really could help out a lot of people I know are looking for ways to help their makeup stay in place!

There are also some other products that UD do to help makeup stay in place, one being All Nighter. Apparently your makeup will last up to 16 hours. 
I have seen these setting sprays before but never use them. But I would be interested to see how this works as apposed to a primer under the makeup. 
So I will give you a little update further down the road on these sorts of products and whether they are worth the money or not. 

BUT all in all...I love the products I got from Urban Decay and am a convert! woot!

I also wanted to mention that all of Urban Decay's products are Vegan and animal friendly! This couldn't make me happier! You can look beautiful and be guilt-free as well! BONUS!

Stay tuned as well... I have a few blogs coming up on skincare, prep and makeup for different skin types from oily, combination, dry and sensitive!

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