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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ojon Hair Products

For the last two months I have been using a haircare range by Ojon
Here is a little breakdown on the story of Ojon and then I will give you my honest review on the products I have been using. 

Denis Simioni, founder of Ojon, was given a jar of balm which was supposed to have these amazing qualities to restore the hair after extensive damage from the sun. After forgetting about this magical jar of balm, he decided to use it one day after swimming when he realised one of his relatives' hair was looking pretty dry and shabby from swim damage. 

Denis was pretty impressed as the hair was restored and they were able to get a brush through it with ease. So Denis was so amazed he went back to central America to discover what was actually in this magical balm and see why it was so amazing and work out how he could create a hair range that incorporated it. 

He found that the Miskito from central America used this balm for their hair and skin for over 500 years and as a result they had perfect hair and beautiful skin, despite always being in the raging sun. (I think it could be genetics as well...but I'll go with the story :) ). 

The products that Denis created for Ojon are suited to all hair types. I have been using Ojon's Dry Recovery range which is for dry, dehydrated hair. Now, I actually think I have damaged, dry hair...which is a bit different, so here's my thoughts....

I have been using the Dry Recovery shampoo and conditioner as well as the Dry Recovery Revitalising Mist. I actually think all are great....HOWEVER I think because my hair is more damaged due to processing it etc, I think I needed a little bit more moisture. BUT in saying that, the shampoo is incredibly gentle and doesn't dry my hair out further. It smells amazing as well. 

The conditioner I have to apply twice. (this is actually typical for my hair as it is quite dry at the ends and I am quite used to applying conditioner, rinsing and then applying again. So this is no fault of Ojon's)

My only gripe is the Revitalising Mist. I feel it makes my hair feel a little crunchy, though it is supposed to be more of a conditioner.
However, I use it on my son's hair which is obviously undamaged and it works great to keep his hair from frizzing out. 

I definitely think the Dry Recovery range is worth trying if your hair is just naturally a bit dry. For example if you live in dry climates, it can give your hair a hydrating boost. 
(The above products range from RRP £16-22)
These products are gorgeous and gentle though and what I would really like to try and see if it works better for my type of hair is the Damage Reverse Range. These help actually repair the damage that has been done to your hair. i.e. over processing, sun damage, swim damage etc. 

From this range I have been using the Restorative Hair Serum which I LOVE!

This serum is great for after you get out of the shower and your hair is still damp. It says to only use a couple of drops, but I probably use anywhere from 4-6 drops, melt it in my palms and run it through my hair, as I have quite a bit of hair. But this will depend on your hair length. 
It doesn't make my hair oily or greasy like some serums do. What I also like to do is actually wash my hair before bed and let it air dry with this serum in it and my hair is silky soft in the morning. 
This product lasts forever as well! So though it may be about £ can use it for a long time!

From the Reverse range there is a Treatment Plus and Smoothing Glaze which I think would be great to try. 

Another great thing about Ojon is that their products are from sustainable sources. They work closely with non-profit organisations which help protect tribes such as the Miskito and helping protect the rainforests, whereas other products, which I won't mention the names of take products from trees which are dying out and are going extinct. What's the point in natural beauty if you are killing the natural source it comes from? So I think Ojon is a great company as well as providing great products. 


  1. I enjoyed reading your review....I am actually using the very same shampoo/conditioner for the first time today!! I've heard good things so will be interested to see what it does for my dry hair :)

  2. good haircare products!! Thanks for sharing online...


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