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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 1 June 2012

Adele Inspired Makeup Tutorial- From American Vogue May 2012

I Love it when my friends let me film them being made up by myself....mainly because they make me laugh the whole time and make for some good entertainment (for me mostly, but hopefully for others as well)

This time around I had the chance to do my 'Sister's from another Mister' makeup. That would be Ruth for those who don't know who she is...but a lot of you do know her. 

...sorry, side track...I have old Top of the Pops on and Kris Kross are on. Wow...blast from the past...or maybe not blast...but definitely a hidden past!

Anyway, back to makeup!

Here is what I used on the lovely Ruthie on this particular tutorial, which was inspired by Adele's Vogue Cover for American Vogue May 2012. We were at a 'Ladies Social' and it was sitting on my friend's coffee table and we just KNEW we had to do it. 

So here it is:

Estee Lauder - Matte Perfection Primer
MAC- Pro Longwear Concealer
Urban Decay- Primer Potion
Urban Decay- Naked Palette Virgin, Buck, Sidecar
MAC- Mylar Shadow
Maybelline- Lasting Gel Liner
MAC- Brun Shadow
Estee Lauder- Invisible Fluid Makeup
MAC- Studio Sculpt Foundation
Clinique- High Impact Mascara
Origins- Brighter By Nature Powder
Girls With Attitude- Double Take English Rose Collection
MAC- Harmony Matte Blusher
MAC- Trace Gold Blusher
Rimmel- Tiramasu Lip Liner
Estee Lauder- Vanilla Truffle

This is the teaser we did before i put up the video:


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