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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Monday, 23 July 2012

My Latest Update on What I Have Been Up TO!

For those who know me...know that I don't stop moving or doing things. A trait that is becoming quite apparent in Greyson as well. 

I have been absolutely slammed this summer. My last update was giving you the lowdown on what I had been doing and I think in that one I was telling you how busy I was...well now I have stepped it up a notch. 

I am on day 3 of 10 days of non-stop work. I then have a few days off and then back at it again. 

HOWEVER...I did manage to have a mini family holiday last week. We were able to run off to Marbella, Spain on Sunday last week until last Thursday! All I can say is it was absolutely PERFECT!

We had to leave at 2am on Sunday morning...but of course my alarm didn't go off at 1:30am like it was supposed to and so we woke with a start at 2:20am and rushed out of the house. (luckily remembering to grab Grey as we flew down the stairs and out the house).

We managed to make our flight with plenty of time (Obviously I have driving skills like a F1 racer). 

Our flight was perfect as Grey slept most of the time. We arrived, it was hot, we were happy. 

Dom was nice enough to surprise me with a Mini for the week as our hire car! You have no idea how excited I was about this!

We finally made it to our friends' house in Marbella...Carolina and Pablo, who live in Peru, were visiting Marbella and staying in their house there for the month. 

We saw the sites of Marbella, including the promenade along the beach (at 1am...the way the Spanish do it)...Puerto Banus (where the super rich go...obviously right up my alley...), the beaches, the food and lots of pool time. 

We were also lucky enough to be there for the last day of The Virgin del Carmen Feast. This is a marine tradition in Marbella that ended on the 16th, the day after we arrived. The Virgin Carmen is the Saint of the Sea and fishermen. The whole city gathered in the streets as we watched 100 men carry the statue of Carmen through the streets as bands played music and people danced. 

It was a spectacular sight and extremely moving! I am so pleased we were able to see it. Unfortunately we missed the boats going from each port, carrying Carmen but we were able to see Carmen dance through the streets and enjoy the last few hours of the festival!

Here are few photos of the HUNDREDS I took!

Hope you enjoy!

It was lovely to be able to eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner outside...the way it should be.

 Grey had one or two siestas a day!

 Partying to 1am like a proper Spaniard. Look at that smile!

 Lady Haya, the Saudi Prince's Cruise Ship...a bit ridiculous!

 The enclosed neighbourhood of Pablo and Carolina's house was amazing. It was like a little magical maze of beautiful houses, a small chapel and two tiny restaurants hidden away. One of the restaurants being known for being the most romantic place to eat. All tables were set outside within the beautiful grounds of La Virginia.

 My beautiful friends Carolina and Pablo. 

 We enjoyed a lot of beach time...the GIANT 'sandpit' was Grey's favourite bit. 

It was a gorgeous trip... it's somewhat a shame to be back to work, but at least the weather has finally improved in England! Yay!

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