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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Friday, 6 July 2012


I just realised it has been nearly a month since I last blogged. 
I promise I haven't become lazy or deliberately neglecting my online duties!!!

I have had an absolute manic month and out is only going to get busier. 

I went from having about 20 weddings booked for the summer to now hitting a whopping 27 and I still have bookings coming through. 
The weddings aren't just the only thing. I have also been on several shoots and as of Sunday 8th July I am away for a week doing hair and makeup for a new ITV series. I will be working on that all next week and weekend will be weddings again. Then I am FINALLY on holiday with the family to Marbella, Spain. Then back to two days of weddings and the last week of July is me back to a week of working on the series. That's two weeks in one month I will be away from Grey entirely! EEEK!

So I have been crazy busy and it is stepping up a notch as of tomorrow. 

Anyway, I wanted to touch base on what I have been doing and send you a few photos of me on the job and some final images of various things I have been working on, from weddings to  photo shoots. 
I haven't received all of my photos from weddings I have worked on in the past couple of months but I have a few to show you. 


Below is Velvet Magazine I did which this one is a Cambridgeshire based Mag. It was a lovely shoot on one of our rare sunny days we had this summer. 
The photographer is Adam Rowney who is now a friend of mine. I have done a couple of shoots with him now. 

Grey and I...because that's who I'm running after if I am not blogging or working. 

 This is a cute behind the scenes shot of Chirag (art director), Lucie (photographer) and Betty( Model) and I from our recent shoot we did. I can't put the photos up yet, but let me just tell you they are AMAZING!

A wedding of 8 that Adelaide and I worked on! Manic but good!

Grey and I are always off doing things together during the week and last week we went to London together to see our friend Carolina who is visiting from Peru. She is also who we are going to see in Marbella. Greyson loves her...he loves brunettes!

He didn't love her so much in this photo

But...Grey did love shopping in Spitalfields!

A lovely American wedding I did in the countryside near Cambridge. I really enjoyed this wedding as it was nice to be around some southern folk!

This wedding behind the scenes is of a lovely wedding I did a month ago. It was so special and will stick out as a very special wedding I had the privilege of doing this summer. I even did a little tutorial session to help kill time and calm nerves before the ceremony. 

Once I have all of the photos I will post them as it was a gorgeous wedding. 

And...of course...some more hanging out with my busy little man!

So if I go quiet again, don't worry, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...I'm just incredibly busy doing what I do...being a mom, makeup artist, friend and wifey. I only have two hands...sometimes I wish I had more!

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