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Friday, 3 August 2012

bareMinerals READY-(compact) Review

I am taking a moment between the chaos of work to write up a much needed review on bareMinerals and their new READY range. 

Let me just give you a quick overview of bareMinerals if you haven't heard me talk about them before. They are a completely natural range with most of their products deriving from natural minerals ground up. bareMinerals are fantastic for those with problem prone, normal or even sensitive skin. 

I have been a been a fan for the last 15 years when I discovered bareMinerals in Denver, Colorado. 

Flash forward to 2012 and the mineral revolution has come a long way. bareMinerals have done something that I haven't seen many other makeup brands do...bareMinerals have taken their powders and made them into compacts.

 Though I didn't mind the loose powder form the originally came in, it could be an issue occasionally when I would accidentally spill the contents of my pots onto the counter or when trying to use them outside on a windy day!

I know MAC and a few others do mineral compacts which I love, but I don't feel their products have the same MINERAL quality as bareMinerals. I think a lot of brands put a certain amount of mineral in their products but the rest of the makeup is filled with fillers, synthetics and preservatives...I'm not saying all of them do that but I know a few do. 

These new compacts come in sleek, black cases which have a rubbery feel to them...which means less likely to slip from your hands or off counters (BONUS).

There are Eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers and tinted powders! I have had the pleasure of using all of them! 

Heres a little glimpse at the new products and I will upload a video soon, using all of this new range for you to check out! They are so simple, quick and lovely to use. You can feel made up and ready for the outside world in just a matter of minutes....always good for us busy girls..and boys!

bareMinerals READY- Eyeshadows

There are 22 (TWENTY TWOOOO) Duo Shadow 2.0 combinations! WOO
And 4 different quad 4.0 compacts, in total over 500 shades to choose from- which are great for getting several different looks from one little compact...with all colours complementing each other for optimum blending. 

These lovely pigments are beautiful, soft and easy to apply and much easier (I think) than using the loose powder forms, which to be honest...were so small they used to just get lost in my kit. Whereas now these compacts are easy to find and they also have the colour swatch on the back of the compact so you can see which one you need without having to open each plain black compact. 

'Top Shelf' 2.0 Eyeshadow
The Duo 2.0 READY Eyeshadows
 RRP £19.00
'The Truth' , 'The Afterparty'
'The Rhythm' , 'The A List'
4.0  READY Eyeshadows
RRP £29.00

NOW onto the face compacts! Now...there is a bit of science behind how bareMinerals have come to create compacts out of their loose mineral powders. I definitely didn't realise and I am sure the average person wouldn't realise how much science has gone into creating these little beauties. So for those who care and have a bit of geek behind that pretty are some facts...

'The Tease', 'The Whisper', 'The Indecent Proposal'
READY BLUSH (comes in 10 shades)
RRP £22.00

The technique in creating compact (solid) mineral powders is through something clever called 'cold pressing'. These blushers, bronzers and tinted veils have a mineral combination of SeeNutritive Mineral Complex with positively charged sea minerals with antioxidants and anti-aging agents. This is how they create the lovely, smooth look that we all love from bareMinerals. 

It gets even better, people, because these gorgeous blushers contain cold pressed camellia oil and the bronzers contain cold pressed carrot oil. (This is why the blusher is working so lovely on a client of mine who suffers from eczema and doesn't cause any 'disturbance')
'The Deep End'
READY BRONZER (comes in 3 shades)
RRP £24.00

On top of the blushers there is also the Touch Up Veil which has an SPF15 and which I am in love with and have been using this entire summer. It is light weight and gives my skin a lovely, smooth finish without looking powdery! 
The Touch Up Veil also contains cold pressed grape seed oil which helps give you softer, smoothed skin as well. I am loving it and I honestly have not been using anything but my BB creams and this Touch up Veil all summer!
SPF15 READY TOUCH UP VEIL (comes in two compacts, Translucent and Tinted)
RRP £22.00

SORRY, one more bit of science jargon...BUT a bit of a bonus is that all of these products contain NO...NONE...ZERO parabens, binders, fillers and nasty, icky chemicals! WOO

Once I have a little more time at home I will most definitely do a BACK TO SCHOOL/WORK tutorial using these products as they are quick, easy to use and go on beautifully and naturally with minimal fuss! Plus they are easy to carry as they are so compact!



  1. Great review Ashley - I am going to check these out this weekend! ~Leslie (your June bride from Florida!)

    1. HI Leslie! So lovely to hear from you and so lovely to see you are reading my blog. You should check them out. They are so lovely. Not heavy and you can look really naturally fresh in just minutes. You can see me use them in my Back to School and work tutorial on youtube.
      Hope you are doing well!



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