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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I cannot tell you how much I love this season! It's quite possibly the best season out of the four. I do always love Winter, Spring and Summer but nothing brings me more joy than the sun shining, crisp air and the change from summer clothes to lovely scarves, hats, knee high boots, high collard coats and ALL the yummy, wintery food the comes along with cold weather. THEN to top it off, I get to go a little more dramatic with my makeup. 
During the summer I tend to wear very little makeup, during the spring I'm a little more adventurous but the colder weather makes me feel more bold!!!
So in keeping with the feeling of boldness, I want to show you the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Autumn/Winter range!
If you want a pop of colour and dash of metallic in your wardrobe, then look no further. 
I have here the Gelee Powder EyeShadow

These gorgeous shadows look amazing in this little compact. They are gel, powder and liquid all in one. The creamy texture means you can apply them smoothly with a blendable texture vibrant colours that really pop.  

These shadows look amazing used dry or wet. You get a metallic, sparkly finish used dry and when used wet has a shine-tastic, intense colour!
The colours are long lasting, are supposed to be crease proof (though I don't think I have found a powder shadow yet that is totally crease proof) and the colour shouldn't fade.
L: Pop Pistachio      M: Magenta         R: Ultra Marine  
 RRP: £19.00
Used Wet

Used Dry

Next up are these gorgeous, luscious metallic and opaque nail varnishes from the Beyond Black Collection.  

These colours are amazing. I have worn every single one and I have had compliments on all of them. These are just the type of colours I want to wear during winter. The name Beyond Black is very fitting. These deep, dark colours really evoke the feeling a dark winter nights!

They come in three finishes, cream, pearl and shimmer. They are long takes a week before I see a chip!

The colours are highly pigmented which is great, because I really don't have a whole lot of time applying coat after coat of nail varnish before Grey has me doing something that could ruin them before dried...which leads to the fact they are super quick in drying!!
L: Cavier   LC: Blue Blood   RC:Viper  R:Black Plum 
                                                                    RRP: £14.50
Blue Blood 
Black Plum

 I will most definitely have some tutorials coming out soon for these bad boys! I love them and I think they should definitely be rocked by all this winter. ALSO...check out CYBER GOLD in the EyeShadow Gelee's. I think I NEED THAT ONE IN MY LIFE!!!!!

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