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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CACI- Non Surgical Facelift Review

OK! I know most of you who know me and how old I am are probably looking at the title of this entry and thinking 'Seriously Ashley??'. 

Let me just clear the air. I have not done this review because I am thinking of getting surgery on my face. I did this review because in the past couple of years as I have met more and more models, mother's of the bride and celebrities, there seems to be one thing they all ask me...HOW CAN I LOOK YOUNGER?

Now, I am not criticising people who have facelifts, botox, fillers, etc. As I have approached 30, even I have thought 'is it time I start looking into botox?' As I watch the frown lines become increasingly deep along my forehead, smile line become more sunken and the crows feet starting to walk across my delicate eye area. 

I was interested in this machine because I had recently worked with Discovery Health and Beauty channel where I was filmed doing makeup for a lovely lady who had suffered a stroke 20 years before. I found out soon after working on the show that this particular machine was used on facial palsy and stroke patients to help lift the affected side of the face. In doing so, the doctors realised quickly that the machine was almost too good and the affected area was looking much younger than the other side. Obviously seeing a niche in the market, they started marketing this as a beauty machine and not just for patients. 

I knew there were ways of helping you look youthful, without going under the knife, but other than a great skincare regime, healthy eating and environmental factors being perfect (which is never the case), there is not much you can do...or so I thought. 

I then came across CACI at the Chic Face and Body Clinic. At Chic, they have the CACI Ultimate Machine, which is the newest one. 

Here is a bit on the CACI non-surgical for you to read up on directly from the CACI site  Here you can read about the Microcurrent, Facial Toning, Microdermabrasion, LED light Therapy and all of it's scientific jargon. 
I was lucky enough to try this magical machine and film it for you guys. I truly felt, after one treatment, that you could see a difference. Typically the clinic will do one side first to show you the difference before proceeding to the other side. BUT in my case we did the entire face to save you time. 

The prices for these treatments vary depending on where you are having it done. 

If you are Cambridgeshire based then I recommend checking out Chic Face and Body Clinic.




  1. Awesome review! :) Did you feel the result right after the procedure or after a few days? xx

  2. This non surgical face lift is the real thing! I should consider doing it. Nice pics of proof that it is safe, thanks!

  3. Nice images it completely reflect results.non-surgical facelift the term itself explains it is not a surgery. you need not go under knife to look younger or to simply experience beautiful fresh skin.

    Non Surgical Face Lift Suffolk County

  4. To be honest, I could not see much difference from the before to after but I guess that is because she is very young and contrary to her own opinion that she is starting to sag around the jowls, she is a naturally beautiful and young looking 30 year old. I am 68 and about to have my first treatment... I really hope to see a REAL difference afterwards! I shall take pics before - and after 10 treatments will take the after pics.


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