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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Party Season! (aka MY Party)

So...for the last 5 months I have been thinking about my impending 30th Birthday. Not because I have been dreading it, because it's been quite the opposite, but more because I had decided that I was going to arrange a proper birthday party. 

I never really had birthday parties growing up. I can remember a few here and 5 year birthday at Chucky Cheese or my 6th birthday which was miniature golf and I wore my favourite dress with my white blonde hair. After that I didn't do much celebrating with a lot of friends. 

When I turned 25 I had a good sized birthday where we all just went out and then I had a little combo party with another friend when I turned 26 but it was closer to her birthday than mine. 

So, this year, I decided I want to go all out. I don't particularly care about celebrating birthdays normally but I thought 30 was a good birthday milestone to celebrate. I can't believe I am 30. I don't feel 30. I never really envisioned life past how did I reach 30? I find it amazing how fast time passed between 21 and 30 and how many things have happened, good and bad, and how I went from no career to my dream career. It all seems a bit of a blur. 

Anyway, I am rambling now. 

Like I said before, I felt it was time to really have a big celebration. If I had it my way, ALL of my family would be there, but living in the UK,  that's difficult and the price I have to pay. 

I decided back in May that I wanted a themed birthday. Thinking that I had loads of time to plan (oh how I was wrong), I planned on a 1940's themed birthday. Here is my inspiration!

Everyone has to dress up in 1940's. I have a singer, a dancer and lots of cakes! 

I haven't been able to prep much because back in May I had no idea that I would spend two months of the end of my summer filming for ITV and nor did I foresee being booked with 30 weddings in this wedding season. So needless to say I have had very little time to get things organised...BUT I think I have somewhat done it.

I finally sorted my outfit, after buying 3 different pairs of shorts, two tops and a dress (which didn't fit, as women in the 40's were TINY). I have decided on my hair which I will be trialing tonight and doing a tutorial for all of you. I have chosen Dom's outfit (Noah from the Notebook) and I even got Grey a little outfit. As I am having a little baby version party in the afternoon before the big party starts. 

I hope it goes well. I hope everyone has fun...I have never cared so much about a silly party, but for some reason this one is really important to me and has literally kept me up at night. My fear is everyone will stand around incredibly bored and awkward! BUT...This is why Dom and I have bought games as well...GIANT games for the garden...EVERYONE will like the bad boys we bought for entertainment. 

I will update next week with photos of the party and also the tutorial, which I think would be a great party hair and makeup for autumn/winter 2012 anyway! So I hope you all like it! 


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