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Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Sunny Tales and Happy Mail

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gel Manicures for the PARTY SEASON!

Hi Everyone! I've come to my next favourite time of year....PARTY Season! 
I love this time of year! All of the glitter, pretty dresses, amazing heals, beautiful parties to attend! 

There is something twinkly and pretty about Christmas (Ok, I know we are in November, but I don't care...I am one of those rare people that as soon as November starts, I am enjoying all of the Christmas bits that start to pop up). 

During the festive season, I love to look polished, pretty and pristine. A far cry from my natural, beach girl approach to summer. 

To kick start this season, I have had the privilege of having my nails done at the fabulous Chic Face & Body Clinic in Ely, Cambridgeshire. 

I have had manicures before and I also, back before I moved to the UK, used to have false nails. However, these days, I never take the time to get my nails done. And when I do them myself, they either chip next day or I go to bed thinking they are dry and they werent and look horrid and creased in the morning. 

I wanted to try something different. Something a little longer wearing without getting falsies put on. (Acrylic nails ruined my fingernails)

I spoke to the wonderful Sandra, the owner of this glamorous clinic, and asked her what she recommended for this season and without a second thought she mentioned GELeration by Jessica  .

JESSICA GELerations are supposed to last three times longer than normal nail varnishes...which for me would be even longer as mine only last a day!

I liked the idea of these because it's something you can get done a few days before a party and you know they will still be intact as long as you aren't silly with them! 

I had one of Sandra's lovely beauty specialists treat me to a manicure and GELeration.

My nails were filed into the length and shape I wanted...which I prefer a more square, short nail. I think they look cleaner on me, but also because I am a makeup artist, I don't want talons!

My nails were, cleaned on top, then buffed on top to get rid of the sheen I had on them. 

There is a system to this, which started with a coat of some magical JESSICA polish that ensures the Gel sticks. 

I then chose my colour, which was Sexy Siren...a deep red. Perfect for the winter season! 

Three coats were applied, but between each coat I had to put my hands under a UV light, for a mere 30 seconds. Without the UV light, the gel cannot set, so this is a must! 

Once the colour is properly set, a clear gel varnish is then applied. 

The manicure was finished with a relaxing arm and hand massage! MUCH needed!

It is now a week on, since I had my nails done and though I have some regrowth at my nailbed (this can't be helped), my nails are still intact! They look as lovely as ever. 

Prices for this treatment vary, however, at the Chic Face and Body Clinic it is £36.00

Now I know for some this may seem pricey, but it's much better for your nails and is perfect for this upcoming party season. Once you are done with them after three weeks, you can get them soaked off. (normal nail varnish remover will not take it off)

I highly recommend them! 

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